Not a good start to my challenge

I thought about painting some figures all the way home, got home and promtly fell asleep. Myabe I’ll try a little harder tonight to stay awake.

Been talking to a new warhammer friend about setting up another largish battle at his last night. Its going to be set up for the first weekend in February and will most likely be my chaos and a n other. We’ll probably be facing a combined empire and dwarf army so will need to commit numbers.

The last time we played over christmas it was my nurgle mortals and an undivided beastman army against a shiney new high elf army and a brettonian army. Total points on each side was 3000.

I took a fairly large army for 1500 pts, 2 chariots with mark of nurgle, 6 knights with mark of nurgle, exalted champion, 2 spawn, 16 plaguebearers, 3 nurgling bases, 3 chaos trolls, 2 units of 10 bare marauders (with musician in both) and a chaos sorceror. This plus the 5 beast herds, giant and minataurs I was allied with gave us a numerical superiority that we ended up needing. We done fairly well, taking an early lead but then running out of steam near the end. The problem we had was when we got into combat, we won pretty much all the time, but with the herds scattered all over the table, we couldn’t react to their hardest units in time. Next time I’ll leave the marauders at home and take another caster, possibly level 2 as we lacked hitting hard on the magic. The marauders were meant to be used as bait and flee troops, but with their entire army holding back and only shooting and using magic until we reached them, they didn’t have as much as an impact as they normally would.

Dropping both units of marauders and maybe 1 base of nurglings would give me 150pts to play with, possibly another level 2 sorceror with a dispel scroll?

Anyway, I have over a month to think about it, in which time I’ll keep playing my regular buddies using my skaven.


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