Three one’s and two sixes

It the games where you need 5 6+ armour saves to win combat, you roll 5 dice and its sixes on all of them, that everyone remembers. Personally I can’t shake the memory of my Strength 7 chaos lord rolling pretty much all ones to either hit or wound on the charge.

That was some time back, and although for the moment he’s collecting dust, whenever we play and ones come up, the joke always goes about how whoever was in combat is aspiring to become a chaos lord.

Anyway, I had another moment like that, with chaos again, in a recent battle. Trying to cast Pit of Shades with 3 dice and I roll all ones. Doh. Roll on the miscast table…… Double six, cast with irresistable force. How freaky is that? Just goes to show that the winds of magic work in mysterious ways. So what if my sorceror has half of his brain melted for life, he helped pull that battle back.

Might have to dust of that chaos lord!


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