2300pt Battle Tonight

So I’ve organised a battle tonight with my mate dave*. As he has just started his High Elf army we decided he can set the points limit (which is 2300) so he can take what he wants as ‘practise’. For some reason he doesn’t like Lord choices so we are only taking 3 heros max. Fine by me.

Also our group tends to not go too magic heavy, so I know it will be a battle dominated by movement and combat.

So heres my list:

Exalted Champion of Chaos
Great Weapon
Daemonic Mount
Sorerer of Chaos
Lvl 2
Dispell Scroll
Spell Familiar
5 Knights of Chaos
Mark of nurgle
SB + M + C
1 Chariot
1 Chariot
1 Chariot
10 Marauders
10 Marauders
GW + Light Armour
2 Spawn
3 Trolls
4 Nurglings
16 Plaguebearers
7 Furies

Total = 2300

The plan is to use the marauders as bait for the chariots (which I’m hoping to get at least 2 into 1 of his units) and keep the shaggoth and the knights on the flank to hit him and roll up his lines. The Terror willl also help.

Magic wise I think I’m going to take shadow as this lore is becoming a firm favourite for me. Especially crucial is the spell that turns fear causing troops into terror causing. A terror causing chariot could be very useful.

I’ve also got a spell familiar so I can roll for an additonal spell.

I shall let you know how it goes.

(* names changed to protect the innocent 🙂


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