Chaos Character Challenge

I’ve just found a new blog and it reminded me of something we done a year or two back. We were playing 3 way 2000pt battles and we were increasing entering the world of powerplaying, taking stupidly hard lists and slipping into the art of herohammer.

So we decided, a three way game, 3000pts a side, with no army list restrictions. Now andy was playing Empire at the time and took lord or two on pegasus, 2 units of flagellants, a unit of greatswords and some artillery. I think Carl took Orcs and Goblins and had a wyvern mounted character, another lord in his unit of boar boys, a couple of shamens, giant and some trolls.

I took my chaos army with 2 chaos lords with all the trimmings, 1 had the mark of nurgle, the other had the mark of slaanesh. I had a unit of plaguebearers, a handfull of chosen chaos knights and a great unclean one.

It was basically a last man standing and was pretty fun, and it worked, for a few months after we had the herohammer knocked out of us and played with big infantry armies backed up by a couple of warmachines and characters.

Now this time I have a different plan. Chaos character challenge. All 4 powers would be represented plus chaos undivided and could take any number of characters upto 1000pts.

A few rule changes would have to be made to make it more fun, so basically here they are:

1) No break tests once in combat. Terror and Fear still count out of combat so that anyone with Gaze of the Gods wouldn’t be at an advantage.

2) No march blocking.

3) Magic into combat is fine as long as none of your own characters are in that combat. To work out casulties, use the skaven rules for firing into combat to assign who gets hit. Any spell that targets a unit will affect everyone in that combat.

4) No duplicates of magic items within the same army.

I’m not sure I can get everyone together for this, so I’ll play with all 5 armies, and let someone random like my wife or sister choose who is going to go for who. I’m hoping it’ll be one big free for all, like I imagined the chaos wastes would be with champions looking for the favour of their gods. Personally I’d like to see nurgle win as my daemonic legion and mortal army is nurgle.

Here is the list for the nurgle team:

Lord of Chaos
Great Weapon
Daemonic Mount
Crown of everlasting conquest
Armour of damnation
Great Unclean one
Total Points = 996

The idea with this list is the lord should be able to get into combat pretty fast, and with strength 7 should be able to start killing pretty quickly. I’ll try and get him into either a daemon or another lord. Re-rolls to hit him and a 4+ regeneration should save his bacon long enough to stay standing.

The Great unclean one will sulk about moving towards the centre where his casting should be able to decimate all but the Tzeentch army. His impressive toughness 6 and high number of wounds should keep him in the battle long enough for nurgle to be the victor.


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