Slaanesh Character Challenge List

Here is my Slaanesh list for the character challenge:

Lord of chaos
Great Weapon
Pendant of Slaanesh
Steed of Slaanesh
Blade of blood
Enchanted shield
Armour of damnation
Sorcerer of chaos
Level 2
Skull of katam
Exalted Champion of Chaos
Great Weapon
Gaze of the gods
Exalted Champion of Chaos
Rending sword
Total Points = 996

The lord has both a great weapon and blade of blood, which one he uses will be down to the circumstance.  The blade of blood combined with the pendant of slaanesh might keep him there for a long time. Even so, he has a 2+ save and all hits on him have to be re-rolled. Going to try and get this guy into combat quickly, which shouldn’t be a problem given his mount.

He’ll be backed up by 2 exalted champions, one who is going to deal out some damage with a great weapon and hopefully soak up some pain with the ward save, and the other is going for a lucky hit on a high wound character with the rending sword.

Lastly a sorcerer on a chariot should be able to get some spells off to swing things my way. Impact hits from the chariot should also be nice, but I don’t expect this guy to stay around too long with all those strength 7 attacks flying around. I’ve given him the skull of katam so he has more chance of getting spells off. Since my last post I’ve decided that you can only try and dispell something if its directly aimed at your charatcers or the spell helps the casters character in some way. I’m pretty sure a Tzeentch character isn’t going to start wasting his ability to dispel just to save a nurgle character. Its not really fluffy enough.

I’ve not really used slaanesh much before being used to nurgle, but the immunity to terror and fear should reduce my slaanesh noobyness.


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