11 Jan Battle Report

The other day I posted my army list  for a battle against high elves here here.

We had the battle on friday night and below is a quick battle report.

The high elf army consisted of a large block of Phoenix guard, a smaller unit of sword masters, a unit of white lions, a white lion chariot?, large block of spearmen, unit of archers, 2 bolt throwers and 5 heavy cavalry.

I set up from left to right as follows: spawn 1, chosen knights, trolls with sorcerer, marauder unit 1, plaguebearers, spawn 2, nurglings, shaggoth, 3 chariots, marauder unit 2 and then on the extreme right the furies.

He set up all his army on my left flank except his knights who were set up against my chariots. In the middle was a large wood.

He got the first turn and for started to batter me with magic and bolts. I just marched everything forward. By turn 5 he was still fighting to the front on the left flank and I had my exalted champion, 2 chariots and a very wounded shaggoth around the back of his army.I think the last part of the battle was his white lions being charged by 2 chariots whilst still locked in combat with the 3rd.

All he had remaining was an entire unit of phoenix guard with a mage, 5 swordmasters with his general and a 5 fleeing dragon princes.

I had the shaggoth, exalted champion, 2 trolls with my mage and 3 chariots, so I imagine I had a minor victory but we didn’t count it up. I also gave up no banners (my chosen chaos knight with the unit banner was the only man surviving of the unit) and no one else had a banner.

I think the reason I struggled to crush him this time was my lack of magical defense and that he knew he’d be facing nurgle, so went high with the anti-fear/immune to phsycology items.

Other than that, 3 chariots makes for a nice high elf killing army.

Next time I’ll take skaven and match him in every turn sequence (well maybe not combat!!)


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