Chaos Character Challenge part 2

I played a test game with the two lists I put up on here and also Tzeentch, Khorne and undivived lists that aren’t up on here yet. It was a pretty gruesome fight and ended up with the great unclean one and a tzeetch lord on a flying disk trying to magic each other to death. In the end the lord got off an irresistable violet fire and the great unclean ones luck finally ran out.

If I remember correctly, the slaanesh warband got a bit of a mauling early on as they had to deal with both the khorne warband and the undivided warband (which also had a dragon riding lord). The tzeentch lord also got a lucky violet fire off on the nurgle lord right at the start.

I did actually learn a few things from this little character game, and I’ll try and post a more detailed post later this week, but I learnt that very few magic items in the hordes of chaos book is any good, or at least good for a tournament/pickup game where you don’t know who you are fighting. Some can be situationally very good, but generally these would be constantly taken where you fight the same player time in, time out.

I think all in all, most of the characters that stayed alive the longest had the armour of damnation and gaze of the gods/crown of eternal conquest combo, along with a great weapon.


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