Beating High Elves

I’ve been playing a few games against high elves recently and its been going ok. I’ve been using a nurgle chaos army which I’ve played with for some time now and although I’m not losing, I’m not exactly winning either.

The problem seems to be a good magic phase, good shooting phase and then them not doing too badly in comabt either. What I seem to lack is hard hitting power once I’m across the board.

Tonight we played a 3k game and as usual I took 3 chariots. I managed to get 2 into a fully ranked up spearmen unit and managed to kill 11 on impact hits negating any kind of benefit from ASF (always strike first).

I’ve also found that chosen chaos warriors seem to do better against HE armies, loaded with great weapons, if only 2 models can fight back, you could bring combat resolution back in your favour with 2 attacks each. This wont last though as my opponent now knows how many points are loaded into that unit, I imagine the shaggoth wont attract the kind of long wooden poles with arrow heads attached attention he’s been getting.

I find it easier to play against high elves with skaven as you can hold back and shoot back at them, match them in the magic phase and generally outnumber them 2 to 1 (units not models) once you meet in combat. We’ll be playing 3k again tomorrow, skaven vs HE, so I’ll let you know how it goes.


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