All mounted Orc & Goblin cavalry army

So contradicting everything I just wrote, I’m starting a new army. This is more of a fun hobby army rather than something to game with seriously. You see it doesn’t really bother me who or what I play. I’d be as happy to play someone who tends to ‘forget’ things or play nasty and cheap as someone who turns up with a nicely thought out and modelled army for a relaxing session of dice throwing, joking and merriment.

I tend to base my game play around which type of player I’m against. If it’s the fun guy who enjoys a good game whatever the outcome, I’ll play the same way and let things slide, just to keep the game flowing, but start to get clever and play ‘unfairly’ or power play, I’ll try and match that attitude. In the second type of game, I don’t get much excitement from the actual game play, but love the thought of beating them metaphorically to within an inch of their life.

That may not make sense to some people, but yes, I actually adjust my game play/army list/attitude to match that of my opponents.

So back to the Orc & Goblin army. I currently play a skaven army that wouldn’t fit into either the horde category or SAD category, but can be either if I so choose it to be. My chaos army may be nurgle, in my opinion the most gimped chaos mark, but also the most fun to write about, convert and paint. It’s not too shabby on the board either. My third army is currently lizardmen, again not too magic heavy unless it needs to be, but fair enough. Out of the three, skaven is the most fun to play, blowing up your own troops, firing into combat and rolling that 5th dice on the ratling gun, just to see if you can beat your own kill record, but by their nature, they are quite powerful.

However, not matter what choice I take too a battle, they are still pretty much cookie cutter armies. I want something different, something that may or may not work, but is fun to play, fun to make and fun to chat about. I had a few ideas including chaos warped lizardmen, chaos warped humans, a tzeentch army from araby (dark skinned marauders, chaos lord mounted on sand dragon with turban and Arabian looking sword/armour etc etc), pirates (using empire rules) and an all chariot chaos army. In the end I liked the idea of an all cavalry army and after looking through the various army books, found the Orcs & Goblins the most viable.

I’ve not really worked out a list yet. I’ve bought 3 boxes of spider riders, a goblin chariot and some characters to choose from to sit in the chariot. I’m planning on having some boar boys, squib hoppers and an orc chariot, with the army led by a black orc. I’m toying with the idea of taking bolt throwers, but mounting them on the back of a goblin chariot, or scratch building a mobile platform to suggest the bolt throwers go on the move with the army.
The background is that they are a mounted spearhead of a major waaagh of some kind, but which one I’ve not decided. That would suitably cover the fact there are orcs, black orcs, goblins and forest goblins all in one army. Being a puritan about it would have meant an all goblin army, or all orcs only, but that is a little bit too much of eggs all in one basket for me. For fun I might take azhag the slaughterer or grom for those bigger games we play.

Keeping with the fluff above, each unit, or groups of units would be painted completely differently, to show that they are all from different tribes. It might work, it might not.

Let me know your thoughts.


3 responses to “All mounted Orc & Goblin cavalry army

  1. Mr. Fake Enigma

    Sounds like an idea for an Ork and Gobbo army. I myself have been thinking about a mounted goblin based army weth loads of cheap gobbos to hold the line and then a hard of chariots and wolf-riders to flank.
    The idea of the portable bolt-throwers is really good and I myself might use it.

  2. Ya i’ve recently planned to make an army that uses all core units as forest goblin spider riders, having the big boss on the gigantic spider, im converting wolf chariots to have spiders pulling them and have a shaman on each one. I will have my third shaman riding a regular spider.

  3. I went and bought 3 boxes of spider riders for exactly that purpose. My plan was to have the advance party of a waagh, so wolf riders and everything in there, but you idea sounds like it would look a lot more coherent on the battlefield.

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