My missing fifth army

So as discussed, I collect skaven, nurgle chaos, lizardmen and have just embarked on a small O&G army. But I do have another army and they are bringing out the new book for it in June.

Yes my friends I have a nurgle daemon army. Well technically its actually part of my main nurgle army and can be separated into its own list for more flexibility. This is the army I used in the GT 2005 heats. See my tournament report here.

Anyway, I have a great unclean one, a daemon prince/exalted daemon, daemonic herald, 2 units of 16 plaguebearers (1 has a standard, herald goes in the other unit), 5 nurgling bases, 3 plague riders and a plague chariot. Usually I use at least 1 unit of plaguebearers in my mortal army, the nurglings usually get to see the light of the gaming room and my three plague riders have a detachable rider so they can be used as spawn. The plague chariot counts as a mortal chariot when I need that third chariot against those pesky ASF elves.

So I’m pretty excited about the new book coming out. The storm of chaos was in my opinion the biggest cock up that games workshop have made in a while. They had great potential there and they dropped it. The armies were all great and ok they needed a tiny bit of toning down, but it added so much more to the choice, and then they went and made the list semi-unofficial. Lets not forget that most of these armies needed a lot of conversion and a quite a bit of expenditure, my additional plague bearer unit cost at least £50.

Most people don’t want to fight my nurgle daemons because they are so rock hard. I can’t see why, I cry inside every time I take a wound, because everything is just so expensive. Losing 16 plaguebearers is 256 points. They are rock hard though and I know it. One chaos player challenged me using his undivided mortals. I think he had his exalted champion left on the board for no casualties on my side. I wish you could see the evil grin I have all over my face thinking about it.

But they are redoing the daemons as their own army book, so I’m happy because now it’s going to be official again and people can’t say anything.

Edit: Its probably worth noting that yes, you can still use the lists against friends, but I only have 1 main gaming group, I like to challenge myself and people will find any excuse for not wanting to play me. Once I explain that its only GW tournaments you can’t field them, they back down a little. The clever ones tell you they only have 1000pts with them. Have you ever tried to design a 1000pt nurgle daemon army? Its not the most competitive at that points level.


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