Skaven fluff

I’m trying to bulk out the background story to my skaven at the moment and when it gets close to something readable and possibly enjoyable, I’ll post it up here, however for the time being, here are the bones of it:

The core of the army is from a long ago destroyed clan with an eshin affiliation based somewhere near an old cave system infested with goblins and other nasties. The survivors of the clan sold their services to the highest bidder, mainly getting the worst jobs for the worst pay, but ended up doing the jobs most clans didn’t want to do, like clearing out caverns of trolls and other monstrosities. Over time, their depleted ranks were filled with slaves and rejects from other clans, but slowly the core of the remaining clan being experts at clearing subterranean areas and fighting in enclosed spaces. Slowly their fame increased until smaller clans were paying more for their services.

They started to expand, bringing in new warp fire throwers and poisoned wind globadiers to assist in the new role.

It wasn’t long before they came to the attention of a grey seer and ever since have performed a number of services for him.

The colour of their uniform is from an old empire cloth store they raided, a story that I need to flesh out a bit.

In case the above doesn’t read through very well, the basic idea of my skaven army is that they are not clan affiliated and work as a small shock army specialising in underground fighting, street fighting and devious siege tactics.


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