Lizardmen make a rare apperance

Had a fairly large battle at the weekend. My regular wargaming buddies were introducing 2 friends to the game (trying to get them to cross that 40K bridge) and we decided on a 3 vs 3, 1000pts each. As the two new guys were taking High Elves and Empire, I decided to round this out with my lizardmen. Not sure on the exact points, but it went something like this:

Scar-Vet with COTJW, GW, Sotek etc

Skink Priest with Diadem of power and scout

3 x 10 skinks with javelins and scouting

1 stegadon

3 terradons

1 x 10 skinks with blowpipes

2 jungle swarms

Probably the second time I’ve not taken a block of saurus warriors with my lizardmen.

As the new guys were new to the game, I tailored their army lists to include most things they’d need to learn about. The empire player took some shooting, a mortar, some knights, a warrior priest, mage, captain, swordsmen and outriders.

The high elf took sea guard, dragon princes, repeater bolt thrower, mage, swordmasters and hero character.
We ended up facing a night goblin, common goblin and beastmen horde.

Needless to say it was pretty fun, with us having the inital advantage of speed and shooting, and them having the numbers to lose and waaagh magic.

Pulling the fanatics out wasn’t too much of an issue as I used some skinks to pull one out and the stegadon to pull the other. Luckily they pushed the fanatic away from the stegadon and into the knights, until I reminded them that only the stegadon was 8″ away, the knights were 9″ and they had only rolled 8 for its movement. Normally I wouldn’t use the steggie to pull fanatics, but before the game I’d said to everyone that I’d go full on to try and march block, annoy and kill as much of the horde as possible. That way the new guys would have longer in the game to learn all the stuff they needed to know. Thankfully my plan worked out quite well and near the end of the game I only had my general and 1 terradon left, the empire and high elves were left to slog it out with the remaining hordies.

My only regret is we concentrated on killing the central and left flank goblins too much and didn’t give as much thought to the beast herds coming our way.

A memorable moment is having a fanatic 1″ in front of the inner circle knights and him deciding to charge through it. We were all “no no no” but he ignored us and the fanatic got 1 hit, and failed to get past the armour. Pretty funny all us veterans telling him not to and then it working out like he planned.

In the same turn he risked a shot of the mortar close to our troops and it deviated slap bang into our dragon princes, killing the champion outright.

Fun match.


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