Started my screaming bell, first pictures up

I’ve been playing with my skaven army for a little while, and sometimes have taken a proxy screaming bell and its not worked out too well. Recently though I’ve adjusted my list and my tactics and started playing against different people, so I thought I’d include the screaming bell back into my list.

Wow, this thing now rocks. So I took the plunge and bought the model with some spare GW vouchers I had lying around.

It also helps that its in my Bristol Brawl list and therefore needs painting pretty damn quick.

The first problem I noticed is that unlike most models, its pretty hollow and painting inside when it was built was going to be difficult. I usually paint larger items piece by piece, but because of the way it goes together I found this to be pretty impractical. I’ve built up the bottom carriage and the top bell carrier seperately and will pin the grey seer and bell ringer on so they can be painted seperately too. I’ve got some pictures as proof I’ve actually started it.

Heres the bottom half of the bell. As you can see I’ve only decided to pin 2 of the beams. I don’t think it’ll need any more, but then I’ve been wrong before.

Screaming bell base

And the top half and characters

Top half undercoated

I’ll post some more pictures as they come along.

Edit: I’ve decided that this will count towards 10 of my models for the model a day challenge I set myself earlier on in the year!


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