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Well apparently people do actually read this blog. According to my statistics I’m getting an average of 10 people a day. For some strange reason half of these seem to be hitting the post I made about the skaven man o war ship earlier this month, and although I have linked to the picture, I have posted the site link and the picture owners link so everyone can click through to it.

I just find it strange that so many people are searching for a skaven man o war.

Anyway, I hope anyone stumbling onto here enjoys what I write as I enjoy reading blogs and there just doesn’t seem to be many warhammer or even wargaming blogs in general on the net. Just as a comparison, type in “world of warcraft blog” into google and see how many you find as a comparison. Remember that this is a hobby spanning many years and many different types of people, yet one computer game that’s been around for a few years and has a more limited long term longetivity is blogged about all over the internet.

 All of the ones I know of, or at least are either still active or are mainly warhammer related are on my blogroll to the right.


4 responses to “Visitors to the site

  1. I enjoy checking your blog out – I’ve been here more than a few times since I was made aware of its existence. Keep it up!

  2. Don’t worry about the hits, they will come as your content increases & you get more Google listings. In my first month I also picked up about 10 people per day, and it took more than 6 months to reach 1000+ per month.

    If you are looking for more blogs, I have set up an RSS feed on my blog that brings in posts from 70+ hobby bogs. You may be able to find a few more using that tool.

  3. Thanks Brian, shame this stupid comment box seems broken. Nevermind.

    @chicagoterrainfactory, its nice to have a collection to read, it liek most things on the internet, you search for ages and then you get a lucky break and tons appear. Same with warhammer related blogs. I now know of so many that I struggle to keep up with them. Thats thanks to you RSS feed of course.

  4. Its probably not fair to hit on world of warcraft blogs as I used to have one myself 🙂

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