Chaos nurgle pictures

At the same time as taking the pictures of the screaming bell, I thought I’d take some of my nurgle army for your enjoyment. So enjoy.

First up is the chariot. I couldn’t get this to come out very well so I took it in semi-direct sunlight. For the horses heads I used the carnival of chaos horses heads which I ordered from GW direct orders ages ago. I was going to use these on everything, but tried putting them on the chaos knights and it didn’t quite look right.

With the standard model I found that the yoke (is that right?) of the chariot was a bit bulky and quite frankly a bit rubbish, so I made my own. It suppossed to be a spear rammed right through the two horses, firstly showing that they are so rotten and diseased they don’t feel the pain and secondly to get a bit of gore onto the model.

I greenstuffed the wheels to add a bit of nurgleness and added a new tail for one of the horses to show mutations. I was going to paint it in zebra like detail, but it looked rubbish and drew your eye to the horses tail rather than the whole model.

The riders are a pestigor standard bearer (I used the standard for my plaguebearer unit and had him sitting in my bits box) and an old chaos champion model I had sitting around.

nurgle chariot


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