More screaming bell pictures

The chassis and the bell is now together and nearly painted. Just got to finish off some of the detail like the rats climbing on the bell and some of the chains. I’ve washed the bell and all bronze bits with brown ink and the silver parts with black ink but am debating whether or not to wash the whole think with a black/green wash to give it an aged and decaying look.

Anyway I’m new to taking pictures of minitures so forgive me if they aren’t too good, but here is the bell in all its glory.

screaming bell 1

And another shot from the side.

screaming bell 2

Next up, the bell ringer and grey seer.

I’ve started to paint the bell ringer in the standard army colours of purple, brown and bronze, but the grey seer I’ve cheated on a bit and dry brushed his cloak grey to save some time. I’m going to make him detatchable so he can also be put on a standard base to represent when the bell is destroyed.


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