Chaos nurgle pictures: part 2

More nurgle pictures for your enjoyment. This is my daemon prince conversion. He started out as a normal daemon prince and had carrion wings from the tomb kings army added instead of the pretty rubbish wings he came with. It gives a pretty good rotting effect.

His right arm is from an old chaos spawn model. I can’t remember if I actually had the original model, or it was specially ordered for nurgle conversions.

The green tenticles coming out from the ground are to symbolise the earth mutating to the effects of the daemons chaotic powers as he lands.

master of mortals

My knights of nurgle are fairly standard, except for the standard bearer is the older model with a greenstuff totem. Two of the knights have non-standard shields. The far left shield is from the nurgle lord, and the second in from the right is the standard shield sandpapered back and then has the guts from the zombie sprue glued on. Green stuff is then built up around it to look a bit fleshy.



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