As I spent quite a bit of time up in london working, I buy quite a few books to read and take my mind off the numbness that is the train journey.

I was in W H Smiths looking for a new book the other day and stumbled across a small section of the black library books. One of them was the Eisenhorn trilogy. Having read some of the newer black library books I wasn’t too sure if it would be worth the read, but the size of it suggested to me that even if it was ok, it would fill quite a few train journeys.

Having already read the ‘Inquisition war’ trilogy about Jaq Draco, I was also a bit pessimistic about this being as good. The Draco books in my opinion were some of the best books games workshop have published.

So i’ve started it and so far am quite impressed. I’ve read the first book and am halfway through the second book. So far I only have 3 gripes. Please stop reading here if you’ve not read the books as there are spoilers.

1) The mini story set between the first and second book is boring. I read the first 4 pages and then skipped straight to the last page to see what had happened. This small sub-book is really for die hard 40k fluff fans.

2) The story in some way is quite similar to the Draco trilogy. Just small things that I’ve noticed. I’ve not finished the Eisenhorn trilogy yet, so I’ll hold off on my opinions of the similarities, but little things, like Draco seeing something in the cards/Eisenhorn having the same dream, some romance interest between the inquisitor and his female minion.

3) No matter how much trouble he gets into, Eisenhorn always gets shot in the shoulder/leg/hand/wrist. Whenever there’s about to be a gun fight I always say to myself ‘bet Eisenhorn gets hit somewhere fleshy.

 Apart from that, good reading so far.


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