The Underempire: Best Skaven Forum…Ever

Being a regular skaven player, the underempire serves a good use, bringing me sneaky tactics and cunning army lists from all over the globe. I’m not as active as I should be (I think I registered once) but so many forums to visit doesn’t leave me with enough time in the real world.

They keep a thread with links to all the fluff stories written over the ages which for anyone trying to think up some skavenish names for their cheiftan or help with some part of a backstory might find useful. It can be found here.


7 responses to “The Underempire: Best Skaven Forum…Ever

  1. I need advice on how to beat a strong Khorne Demons army. Me and a cousin of mine have been playing fantasy for 11 years and we recently taught his brother in law how to play and after two months of learning we cant seem to beat him and he stays undefeated after 16 games.

  2. oh yeah, obviously i play skaven

    • Khorne mortals or khorne daemons, there is a LOT of difference.

      There is no ‘i win’ button, but the start place is to work out how he’s beating you. If he’s daemons (assuming he is) then also assumed he’s taking bloodthirster and flesh hounds with tzeentch backup (or is it pure khorne?).

      Anyway, daemons in general, ignoring the fact they dish out a ton of damage to skaven, are also fear causing. Start to build up your army on things that wont run. You’ll need a grey seer on a screaming bell which will keep your main block of clanrats safe from pyscology. Then you’ll need the plague monks and plague censer bearers as they are also immune to fear and panic while frenzied.

      Load up on jezzails and put them somewhere more than 26″ away from his probable thirster position. This way even if he flys full pelt and trys to cause a terror test you’ll still be out of range. The key with jezzails is not to do the damage they can so obviously do but limit where he can put the bloodthrister.

      There are also some items you can take, headsplitter is one, maybe also warpstone stars. If you don’t want to do the screaming bell option, there are ways to take a lord. Put him in your main unit and challenge the blood thirster. I’d take cautious shield (loses 2 attacks) and twisted crown of the horned rat (regen). If he takes the 2D6 attacks then maybe not the shield and if he takes the flaming sword then not the regen 🙂 (take the warpstone amulet instead)

      This way you are forcing him to challenge and lose 2 attacks. If you can save the regen his combat res will be maybe 3 or 4. Yours will be outnumber, banner, (maybe warbanner or banner of the swarm?), also try and get the BSB in the unit he is aiming for for another +1. Now he’ll have to make a ldrship test at maybe -1. Gives you time to run a unit of plague censer bearers into him and force him to take toughness tests.

      Banner of the four black winds will also help with bloodthristers.

      Anyway, this is all stuff based on possibly a bad assumption. Let me know what army he takes.

  3. I’m not so up to date with the new chaos lists, but wepon teams of any kind melt deamons because they go through the daemonic ward (used to anyway!), so Skryre is a good bet.
    Also units of 5 night runners will be excellent “bait” for frenzied troops. You can flee from charges, lead them into terrain and whatnot. I normally like plague monks but I think against Khorne it would just give him a unit to beast in combat without doing much damage.
    For the Bloodthirster all I can think is: clan Skryre. Take enough wizards to overpower his dispel if possible!

  4. Wanted to say hello – Freddie Rick
    Freddie Rick
    Freddie Rick

  5. I agree with everything your saying but theres still one problem.

    You need small worthless units to redirect his units and maybe flee from his charges. Grab a unit of Rat ogres and place them so they are set up for a flank charge on the start of your turn. You must take Rat Ogres in a Skaven army!

    Next, you take gutter runners and an assassin to annoy his bloodthirster.

  6. GlĂĽckwunsch zum neuen Blog!

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