Painting Update

My first post on my blog was about how I hope to be painting a model a day. Well since the first of January this year, I have finished exactly 0.

With my first tournament of the year approaching (Bristol Brawl) I have a 2150 pt skaven army to finish and only about 700 pts is gaming standard. So I’m scared as its this saturday and I have a lot of painting to do. The 700 pts is the army I took to Conflict in London last year, and same story, weren’t painted, but I managed to paint most of them in one night.

However, the problem is, they were plastic monks and lots of skirmishers so I painted them up pretty quickly. At the moment I have 2 units of 40 slaves, 1 unit of 25 clanrats, warp lightning cannon, jezzails and other odds and sods to paint up.

But back onto the main painting topic, if I can get this army ready for Saturday, it’ll bring me bang upto speed. Today I finished my screaming bell and based it. In another post I said this would count as 5 models, but as the grey seer isn’t finished, I’ll call it 4.

So now I’ve caught up to the 5th January.

I’m going to try and add a widget of some kind to the right hand bar to track this. Look out for it.


One response to “Painting Update

  1. Since this post, I’ve managed to get most of the way through my warp lightning cannon. I’ll keep you updated!!

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