New Vampire Counts & Daemons

I try to stay well away from posting GW rumours on this blog, mainly because I can’t be bothered to keep up with every little snippit of information as it breaks, and therefore would be pointless for anyone coming here to think that they would gain any more information.

Not only that but there are many more blogs and websites with that kind of information freely available and a lot more up to date.

However I was flicking through the game workshop website and noticed that the Vampire Counts spearhead will be released this saturday (23rd Feb) and that potentially I could be playing against the new army very quickly. It worries me that I’ve not kept on top of things and really don’t know much about them.

So I’ll be ordering the book when it gets released in March and have a quick read through.

The new daemon models are looking very nice though. I’ll be investing heavily in the Khorne daemons to bulk out my 2000pt nurgle daemons. I’ve also taken apart my blu-tacked father nurgle and will be pinning him together and painting him up ready for battle. I’ve not decided which khorne daemons to buy yet, but a unit of bloodletters and some cavalry and possibly a herald.

I also understand that a new plastic daemon prince will be coming out and I’ll be getting one of them either for my bits box or to create an undivided lord.


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