Skaven painting update

Still furiously working hard to get my skaven done. Since my last post I have nearly finished off the warplightning cannon, and have taken 7 plague censer bearers from being painted to a basic standard to a decent gaming standard. I also had a few touch ups to do.

The total list of things to do and things done are below:

Grey Seer – Need to finish him off

Screaming Bell -DONE

Warlock Engineer – DONE

Chieftan – Need to highlight and base him

25 Clanrats – DONE

Warpfire Thrower – DONE

25 Clanrats – Need to make and paint these

3 Giant Rat Packs – All need painting, 1 packs needs making

3 Rat Swarms – 2 Need painting

20 slaves – Need painting and making

20 Slaves – Need painting and making

20 Plague Monks– Need to paint 1, finish off 7 and varnish

6 Jezzails– Need painting and basing, some to put together

4 Gutter Runners – DONE4 Gutter Runners – Needs one more guy painted?

Warp Lightning Cannon – Need to find slaves x2. Needs painting 

8 Plague Censor Bearers – Possibly need to paint 1, finish off the 7 painted ones and varnish

As you can see, there is still a LOT to do. I have this evening, tomorrow evening and whatever I can squeeze in friday afternoon and evening. If the worst comes to the worst I can just do basic colours and base them and finish them off at a later date. You may ask, what the hell am I doing posting how far behind I am on my blog? Waiting for paint to dry, or some excuse like that.

There are also some more files added. Please note these are quite big, as I’m still a bit of a noob on the minature/camera front.

Censer bearers and cannon

Screaming bell finished

Edit: I have no idea what the great big white block is. Even when I clear all the formatting its still there?!?!


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