Modular movement trays, good for something?

I picked up some of the newish games workshop modular movement trays the other week to start making up some large movement trays for my skaven.

Excited (as excited as you can get about these things), I opened up the packet and started measuring out the blocks into the sizes that I wanted. For those not familiar with these, they are 2 sheets of 8 x 8 25mm squares or turned over, 10 x 10 20mm squares. There are also some edges. Look at the picture below if I’ve confused you.


So anyway, I was getting excited and was abotu halfway through building some movement trays when I realised that when you put the edge on, there is a gap of a few millimetres between the movement tray base you just cut out and the edge that holds the models in. Strange I thought to myself and carried putting the edging around. I then put some minatures into the base, and sure enough the gap was large enough that the minatures wouldn’t rank up and any movement caused them to move around.

I then thought the problem through a bit and decided to measure up the actual gap, and then shave that much away from the base. After many calculations, furious words and many minutes of hacking and sawing, I put it all together again, only to find that my trays were now about 1 mm too small and the required number of models wouldn’t fit.

I promtly throw the entire kit in a spare box and forgot about it. I then learned from a much more travelled and wise friend that this was actually space to put any required decoration such as flock around the whole edge. Personally, I think it looks crap.

Since then I’ve found a number of ways to utilise this seemingly wasted 6 quid. My first use was the screaming bell. Now the screaming bell takes up a 40 x 60mm space in your clanrat unit, but no such standard base that size exists. So to stop it lookign stupid when placed next to based clanrats, I cut out two 2 x 3 bases and stuck the on top of each other, like a double layered base. This then brings the screaming bell up to the same ground height that the clanrats start at and just looks a lot better. There’s a picture here.

I’ve also used it to re-enforce 2 of the old trays together to make a larger tray. Cutting out a section that completely fills the 2 trays and then glueing it in, gives you a lot more strength.


2 responses to “Modular movement trays, good for something?

  1. I finally picked this set up. At $10 here in the states I think it’s a pretty good deal. as long as you use the corners for just the front end you can make up to 8 units trays to match your needs. I’ll be getting some more soon!

  2. How did you find the gaps though? When you move a unit they jumble around, or is it just me?

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