Skaven Update and Bristol Brawl Results

I suppose those of you who come to this blog want to know how the skaven painting went. Well, I stayed up most of the night, spraying, glueing and painting and……………..didn’t finish them.

I started to get depserate around 2.30 in the morning, knowing I’d have to leave by 6 at the latest. I unpacked every single metal skaven minature I have, and tried to get together enough to finish off the second clanrat unit by undercoating and then putting the basic layers of paint on. I flat run out of time to even make the 2 slave units.

So in the end I dropped 1 unit of giant rats and the 2 slave units for 4 poisened wind globadiers and a plaguepreist with flail which I already had painted.

So back to the Bristol Brawl, I left around 6.30 in the morning and made it up to bristol in about 2 hours leaving myself not a lot of time to do the whole getting lost thing I end up doing when visiting the west country.

In the end it went really well and I was pleased with how my army performed. I got massacred 2 times, massacred 2 people and got a major loss, however in the end I dropped right down to about 5 from bottom as I was penalised for changing my list the night before and also my painting score was almost zero for not having all my models painted, using just grass on the bases and not detailing the entire unit of plaguemonks.

It really was my own fault on both accounts, but I managed to excel in what I do best, play fun games, and I think this was reflected by the fact my sportsmanship score was only 1 point below what the best sportsman got.

I’m hoping to get a full report on here soon, so watch out for it.


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