Fluff: Dracus the Ill-Hearted

This was some background I wrote for a Atournament during the storm of chaos for my Nurgle Daemon army. I found an old printout the other day and thought I’d commit it to this blog.

Within the Realm of Chaos lies a tower. Within this tower, the council of seven reside.

Here they plot to bring the mortal world into ruin for their master, so they may enjoy an eternity of decay and pestilence. For thousands of years have they plotted and waged war, yet the world is still not theirs.

With the crowning of the ever chosen, a new opportunity has arisen for the council to march forth in the name of decay. Far and wide will they travel, besting armies of all races, with the sole purpose of fulfilling their greedy plans and pleasing their master.

Dracus the ill-hearted is one such member of the council. Although the council appear to work as one, a daemons way is to plot and scheme and have ultimate power over others.

Although a powerful daemon, dracus is still regarded as inferior compared to his fellow council members. With his strength now growing stronger by the day, he marches into the world of men, his aim is clear, destroy all who oppose him in the name of Nurgle.

Dracus the ill-hearted sat montionless in the his throne, the rhythmic tapping of his index finger the only sign of his consiousness.

He grew weary of this talk about the upstar Archaon and grew impatient at the name of Bel’akor. The one they called Valten however, was a mystery to him.

He spoke up, his voice echoing across the great hall, bringing the squabbling to an immediate halt.

“My fellow princes, our master is Nurglitch most powerful of the gods. With his smallest finger do empires crumble and decay. He is the natural order of the world, yet we stand here and bicker over whose banner we fight under.”

He stood, hoping the others would listen to his wise council.

“We fight not for the human Feytor, for he is the puppet of the upstart and blessed only by Nurgle to protect against the mocking of his brothers. We fight not for Bel’akors, for he has wronged us many times. No, we fight for ourselves, for the council, FOR OUR MASTER.”

He looked around and was pleased to see heads nodding in agreement.

“So it is decided then, we march to war.”


4 responses to “Fluff: Dracus the Ill-Hearted

  1. Very nice piece of writing. The Warhammer setting(s) are extremely rich(thought I’m no expert on them) and excellent fodder for inspiration. This is an entertaining read!

    I have a quick question that sprung up while I was reading this tonight:

    Is the Horned Rat the Skaven worship the same entity as Nurgle? From what I’ve read they seem to be extremely similar.

  2. I take a lot of my ideas from the older GW lore. I have a copy of slaves to darkness at home and have access to the lost and the damned. They are very rare now, but the older fluff is darker and more complex than a lot of the drivvle they put out now.

    No the horned rat isn’t really associated with nurgle. I think the way the warhammer gods work is that mainly they are an embodiment of peoples feelings. I.e. Tzeentch feeds off peoples emotions of of power and change, whereas khorne feeds off rage and thirst for revenge/killing.

    The horned rat is exactly the same, a being made from the emotions of the skaven, i.e. dark, manipulative, power crazed. The horned rat didn’t exist until the men who were mutated into skaven existed. Hope that makes sense.

  3. Yes, that makes a LOT of sense – thankyou for clearing that up! So, really, even if someone ISN’T a cultist in the service of any of the Ruinous Powers, they’re still going to give them ‘sustenance’ in some ways – particularily Khorne since there just so much war going on.

  4. No exactly, in some funny kind of war, high elves fighting dwarves would feed khorne because of the bloodshed, but they don’t do it in his name, which is the difference between chaos champions and non-chaos champions.

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