Space Crusade, Skirmish Games and 40k

As a break from the purple skaven, I pulled out the old space crusade game. You all remember space crusade right?


My mate gave it to me a few months back as it had been cluttering up his room for a while. Its all in good condition so I thought I’d go through and see whats missing. I’m happy to report that only a couple of items are missing.

You see I like games like this, small scale, big action games, where you get to take a small band through an adventure, give them upgrades, names, personalities etc. I like mordheim for the same reason. My last band was a witch hunter band, all given germanic names except one withc hunter who was called raphael. The back story was he’d come from Tilea and was hunting down vampires and joined up with Wilheim, the leader of my band. I used an old Tilean model with a crossbow and this is what gave me the idea.

Other games I’ve got an interest in is Legends of the old west and I plan to buy Legends of the high seas as soon as the next pay hits my bank account.

So anyway, I’m planning to start a games evening when we move to our new house as I’ll have a dedicated room, and whilst we normally play warhammer, some evenings requires a table, some beers and an old game like heroquest. I’ve had a good think about space crusade and decided to change the Ultramarines to Deathwatch. As its only a board game I’m not going the route of Deathwatch shoulderpads and weapons changes (although he gave me the dreadnaught expansion too, which does have more exotic weapons which Deathwatch would be more likely to take), but will just paint them black with a different chapters shoulderpad.

If you don’t know who the Deathwatch are, they are the fighting arm of the Ordo Xenos, where the Ordo takes marines from different chapters that have proved themselves in combat with aliens and form ‘kill-teams’. Much the same as grey knights but with weapons and tactics favouring killing aliens rather than daemons. When a marine is selected to join the Deathwatch he paints his armour black, but keeps his original chapter marking on the opposite shoulder to where it normally sits.

Whilst reading about this have you noticed that there isn’t a lot on the blog about 40K? There is a reason, and thats because I don’t really play 40K. I’ve always seen it as a less tactical and less fun of the 2 warhammer games. Don’t get me wrong I love the models, the background and the idea of it, but when it comes to the nitty gritty of actually building a list and playing with it, I just bored.

To me 40K is, and I might upset some here, lots of dice rolling and killing. I’ve always hoped it might go back to being a bit more tactical, with overwatch and the like but that probably isn’t going to happen. Sometimes I just wish I would like it.

Another project I have going on is my daemon steam tank. I started this about 2 years ago and got as far as green stuffing it and adding nurgle ‘features’. Whilst I’m having a skaven break I’ve undercoated it and just started to paint the main metal body. The idea is for it to be a daemonic chariot. I’ve greenstuffed tentacles breaking out from inside and put a plaguebearer coming out of the hatch. When its a bit further through the painting I’ll get a picture up here. This and the recently started great unclean one will push my daemon army upto about 3000 pts where it will stay until the new book it out.

Wow, that a lot of typing for me. Hope you enjoyed it.


3 responses to “Space Crusade, Skirmish Games and 40k

  1. I remember Space Crusade. I’m not sure if I played it before or after Hero Quest. Either way I have fond memories of it, especially the custom battles we put together, making up stories and setting the board up in new and amazing ways.

    I think I need to try and find this game again.

  2. Yeah we had all kind of fun with it, making up new tile maps, adding new monsters etc.

    Good luck with trying to find it, a few of them tend to hit ebay every week.

  3. I was able to put together the entire space crusade game and several add-ons from downloads off the net. A lot of printing, but it was worth it.

    Check out Boardgame Geek. Most of it is right there.

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