Fantasy Flight Games FAQ

With the recent announcement that Fantasy Flight Games will take on the license for Games Workshops roleplaying games, board games and card games, they have put up a FAQ on their site. Out of all the questions though, the one below is the most exciting:

Q: Black Industries (BI) currently had three Dark Heresy products in the pipeline: “Purge the Unclean”, “Inquisitor’s Handbook”, and “Disciples of the Dark Gods”. Does FFG intend to publish these three supplements? I don’t need dates or anything I realize it’s far too soon for that, but I would like to know if these will be published at all.

A: FFG plans to publish all three of these books in the coming months, plus many more in the years to come. 

Whilst I don’t have the time to play Dark Heresy or enough friends that would want to play, the rulebook and its supplements are a good purchase in my opinion. The WHFRP books have always given us loads of ideas. My friend plays an empire army, and he bought the empire sourcebook just for ideas on Ostland.

So its great news that new books are coming out, esspecially with my current obsession with Inquisitors.

Thanks to MWU for putting the link up.


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