Longish update

Its been a while since an update, but finally I have my computer back from the missus.

Nurgle daemonic chariot

I’ve had this baby in the pipework for a few years, ever since my mate gave me an old empire steamtank model. I built it up over the space of a couple of weeks but never got round to painting it.

So the other day I had a few minutes spare waiting for paint to dry and decided to undercoat it and paint the base colours. Couple of pictures below. Sorry about the quality, but I’m struggling on the picture taking still.

Nurgle Chariot side  Nurgle chariot other side  nurgle chariot top  nurgle chariot base

I’ve also started the base. The way I make chariot/warmachine bases is to take one of the standard movement trays and stick smaller bases onto the movement tray with plastic glue as shown below. I position the movement tray so that where I will pin the model into the base, there’ll be some plastic to drill into. On top of this I then cut some thin plastic card and then glue this with plastic glue to all parts of the tray. When this is dry I then greenstuff the small visible holes and there you go. A base for your chariot. Mine is pictured above before the plastic card is put on.

Using CDs for terrain.

It suddenly hit me a while back that all those naff CDs they give away with the sunday papers could be useful to a wargamer. I make up some scenery on them, spray them black and then paint them up.

There is the small problem of all the terrain on your board looking a little ‘circley’, but with the addition of some hills and woods, it shouldn’t look too bad. I generally use CD terrain to break up large areas of green that looks good but generally doesn’t hinder the battlefield.

Below is an old sunday observer classical collection turned into a graveyard. I can’t remember where the gravemarkers came from, I think it was a skeleton sprue, the wall was made out of individual plaster bricks I bought at Salute one year.

CD terrain graveyard

I’m currently making a small pond/tree on a CD. I found an old aquarium tree in a pet shop that looked about right for a lizardmen setting. I’ve mounted it onto the CD and put a small circle of cardboard around it to be a bank. I have then masking taped this down so it looks uneven (the masking tape is kept in place with glue and the undercoat it receives later, terrain doesn’t need to be too strong. Plus I figured best it had a bit of movement rather than plaster or polyfiller that would just crack and fall apart.

Anyway, i painted the base of the pond green and blue and then used the GW water effect on it. Looks pretty good so far, as always, picture to follow.

WW2 1/300 models

I’ve had these knocking around for a while, and have decided to put them on e-bay as I’ve lost the rules (was it spearhead?) and never really played with them. I imagine they’d look good if I’d finished both the Russian and German division, but I need the money to buy ridiculously priced GW models 🙂


3 responses to “Longish update

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  2. Isnt spearhead 15mm?

    I like the blog by the way

  3. Yes Spearhead is 15mm based. I found my old box when we were moving last week. You can use it for 6mm too, as long as you aren’t playing large games because the detail of the rules tend to bog down the game.

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