Vikings, The Wild West, Mordheim scenery and more

We completed on our house yesterday, so today has been busy cleaning carpets and buying paint etc, so not much painting going on. While I’m on the subject of painting, I’ve not even got close to painting a model a day. I think in total, I’ve finished off about 10 skaven completely, and even then I’d already done most of the painting last year and this was an exercise in completing them. The screaming bell is finished, as is the warp lightning cannon but the grey seer needs finishings, the warlock engineer on the cannon is half done and the slaves I haven’t even started on, so hardly ‘complete’. Even if I did count them I think I’m upto the 20th January. Hmmmm.

On another note, I have managed to start and get quite a bit through my first viking. The biggest debate raging in my head at the moment is how to base him. At the moment he is on a 25 x 25mm GW base. I figured that I would use them as marauders in my chaos army, possibly as mercenaries which is why they wouldn’t be painted in the same nurgly colours as the rest of the army.

I could also use them as beserkers from the dogs of war list in my skaven army. Either way a 25mm base would be fine.

Other uses in mind for them is as a warband in Mordheim. I really just ended up buying them because they looked great. Its the warrior champions pack from foundry if you want to look them up.

Whilst talking about foundry, I’m still planning out which wild west figures to get from them. After watching 3:10 to Yuma, I really want to do Ben Wades gang. As far as I’m aware there are four good companies producing wild west figures. There probably are others, but I’m really looking at Foundry, ArtizanDixons and Black Scorpion. Be careful with Black Scorpion as their models are slightly bigger than most, but a couple scattered about will just seem natural.

I’ve also been thinking about buidings. I don’t want to make too much scenery for the wild west, because I still need to make a ton for warhammer and mordheim. Those two systems are totally compatable, but it will look very odd having a sherriffs office being beseiged by a stegadon and a few krogigors!!

To try and solve this problem I’m looking at buying some resin buidings for mordheim/warhammer. Pardulon are most likely to make me part with my cash at the moment.

Thats enough ramblings for one night I think. Quick update on my other projects:

Nurgle Daemonic Chariot – Added some more colour, the plaguebearer rider is now brown and I’ve mounted it to the new base.

Lizardmen CD scenery – This old CD (can’t remember which CD it is) is now looking more and more like a sunken old tree. The water effects are looking good. I’m glad I spent some time blending in the blue and green that adds colour to the water as Games Workshops water effect is a lot more transparent than I thought it would be and you can even see some of my brush strokes.

I promise I’ll put some more pictures up soon.

To keep you going, here’s the first house I’m thinking of buying from Pardulon.


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