Getting excited about daemons

Really started to get excited about the new daemons. Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m trying to stay well clear of all the rumours and hype, and really just keeping my eye on the more semi-confirmed things.

From what I see at the moment, I’m looking forward to the new nurgle, especially the new spell set, as the old one was great for assasinating things, but not really great when you needed to unleash a whole world of pain on the enemy. The slaanesh spells look pretty tidy too, but at the moment I’m a bit disappointed about the lack of more tactical spells the current mortals list has.

Back to the Nurgle spells though, the most up to date information has the following spells, note I’m getting most of my information from The Daemonic Legion.

Daemon Lore of Nurgle
#1: Miasma of Pestilence: 3+ to cast. All units in base to base with the caster will have their weapon skill, Strength, Toughness, Initiative and Attacks reduced to 1.

Not a bad spell for 3+, pretty likely to get it off on that last spare annoying dice you always seem to have left over. Possibilities that it might even use up an opponents dispell dice, but I suppose thats dependant on your opponent.

#2: Stream of Corruption: 6+ to cast. Breath weapon, any model hit must take a toughness test or die.

Sweet, I always gave my damon prince the stream of corruption. My only gripe is its now a magic spell, making it very dispellable.

#3: Pit of Slime: cast on 7+. 24” range, target must pass Strength test or it may not move or shoot, lasts until Daemon players next magic phase

I hope this spell effect also means it can’t flee or stand and shoot as a charge reaction. Its almost slaaneshy in its tactical advantage if it can.

#4: Rancid Visitation: Cast on 8+. Magic missile, range 24” D6 Strength 5 hits, target must pass Toughness test or takes D6 more hits, continues until test is passed.

Bring on those skinks and/or Teclis 🙂  Seriously though, does the unit take just one toughness test?

#5: Shrivelling pox: Cast on 9+. Pick single enemy model within 24”, LOS required. Target must pass Toughness test or take D6 wounds, no armour saves

Not too far off the old Nurgle spells

#6: Plague Wind: Cast on 13+. Single enemy unit within 18”. Enemy models must pass a Toughness test or suffer a wound with no armour saves. After panic tests, a nurgle base is created for every 3 wounds caused. Forming a new unit within 3” of the old unit, worth 50vp.

I’d like to know what a nurgle base is. Possibly a nurgling base?

All in all, the ability to kill more of the enemy in the magic phase makes this a much better spell set. I’m slightly dissappointed with the stream of corruption becoming magic based, as there is less incentive to stick your daemon right behind a large enemy unit with a guaranteed breath weapon.

The new plaguebearers look good, with the ability to re-roll wounds and poisoned wounds giving +2 to combat res rather than +1, however I’m going to miss cloud of flies. Last weekend I had a storm of chaos nurgle list and had a unit of 20 plaguebearers with herald fighting a unit of 20 phoenix guard to their flank and a unit of 15 swordmasters to the front. Both high elf units had their respective special characters in. I managed to hold them off for about 4 turns, losing only 4 plaguebearers a turn and killing about 3 swordmasters. Some of this was the ward save, but cloud of flies saved me due to the sheer number of 3’s the guy was getting to hit.

I also understand nurglings will now be able to scout. If true, its going to allow us daemons to get into the enemy a lot quicker, giving our main units more time to manouvre and get across the board.


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