Nurgle: The god of hope?

In my last post I mentioned that Nurgle was the god of plague and pestilence, but also hinted at hope. Well really, it was a slight error on my part. More background required I think…
The four major gods of chaos, thrive on particular human emotions. The most common form of reference for this can be found in the huge amount of Eldar fluff, both official and unofficial. The hedonistic actions of the Eldar caused the god of Slaanesh to be ‘born’ in the warp. My personal interpredation of this is that Slaanesh existed in some minor form of some kind, but the huge emotional pleasures generated by the Eldar over a short period of time caused his re-birth into a major god of chaos.
The same emotional feeding can also be seen when looking at Khorne, the god of blood. He feeds off violence, anger, bloodshed and killing. In its base form, Khorne is fed and grows stronger everytime someone gets angry, or kills in the battlefield. You could therefore say, that any warrior is devoted to Khorne, but it isn’t that simple. Doing something that a god desires, and doing it in his name, are two very different things.
Which brings us back to Nurgle and hope. The following quote sums up Nurgle for me:
“Nurgle is the hope born from the inevitability of death and decay”
However, this conflicts slightly with Tzeentch often being associated with being the god of hope.
My personal understanding of this is, that the opposites in the chaos group, Nurgle/Tzeentch and Khorne/Slaanesh, all feed off of opposites and similarities.
Looking back at Nurgle and Tzeentch, there is hope of change, but there is also hope of death. Another slant is change, Tzeentch changes, often in random and bizarre ways, but then isn’t the ruin and rot of a city or race a change? Isn’t the immense amount of pestilence and plague changing?
I’m possibly looking too deep into this. It could however go some way as to why Tzeentch and Nurgle are arch enemies, both use change to direct the course of the world, but in two very different way.
As you’re aware, the above is a lot of my own interpretation and I’d be happy to see what anyone else thinks about this.

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