Daemonic Legion previews

US GW site has a preview of the new fantasy Daemonic Legion book (and for those that care, yes there is a 40K preview too, find it here).

Not long to go! Its been a real struggle not looking at the book yet, waiting until I hand over money for it and then go get a coffee and a comfy seat and read away.

Also just confirmed that NONE of my gaming group will be going to Salute on saturday, so it’ll be billy no mates on the train by himself.


4 responses to “Daemonic Legion previews

  1. I’ve got to be honset, I’m trying to stay away from Daemons, if for no other reason than I figure everyone and their Mother will be starting a Daemon army. The pull though… it is so strong, the modeling, the converting, the ability to paint something so wild and unique… it just cries out to some people and I’m afraid I might be on that list.
    There is hope though, I see rumors floating around about Space Wolves next year late sometime maybe…
    But then there is the Genestealer Cult that has always had a special place in my heart.

  2. Already having a 3000 point daemon army helps, but I’ll definately be buying some models.

    I’m not sure that many people will be collecting an army, and if they do, you’ll see a lot more Khorne and Slaanesh based armies than nurgle and tzeentch, purely because of the metal cost. I think each of my plaguebearer units cost over £50, and i’ve still got to buy a command for them (thankfully I have standard bearers for the units).

    Plus, you can buy a nice shiney new VC army for a lot less if you go plastic.

    I may however be forced to eat my words.

  3. I’m not going to get myself an army, but I’m not going to be able to resist to buy a couple of models and paint them.

  4. Just realised I’ve included my 2 nurgle chariots in that 3000, which obviously I can’t use.

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