E-bay warhammer fun. Plus I’m annoyed about Nurgle chariots

I jumped on the laptop tonight all eager that I’ll be playing a 300pt each 2 v 2 battle tomorrow night, when I come across information that Nurgle daemon chariots are definately out. Boo. Can’t really even use them as stand ins for the palaquin.

There is the chance they can get used in my regular mortal army, but then the new revision coming out in a future white dwarf looks set to scrap chariots as core choices.

So i’m a little bit pissed.

To cheer myself up, I’ve been checking through e-bay, my all time cheer up tactic is searching for “pro-painted” and seeing what comes back. Some of it looks like a 5 year old painted it.

This pro painted must have painted these with his contacts out. Or how about these pro painted boars. How exactly do you pro paint a plastic boar? Certainly not with a single colour drybrush.

Now I’m no great painter, but I would never attempt to pass of my sales as pro painted.

I think on e-bay you can generally expect something described as pro painted as good to very good gaming standard. Some are genuinely pro painted. I would consider this to be a pro paint job.

What do you guys think?

My other favourite e-bay activity is hunting down people who try and sell old edition rulebooks and army books and try and pass them off as current. Then I send them akward buyers questions.

I usually never get a response.

Edit: I found this one today. The title is “WARHAMMER 40K BATTLE FOR MACRAGGE SET NEW! [[RARE]]”. Whats rare about it? I can still go down to GW and buy it!!


2 responses to “E-bay warhammer fun. Plus I’m annoyed about Nurgle chariots

  1. “Pro-Painted”… I feel so inadeqate after seeing that work. I can only hope to aspire to techniques as those (One color drybrush I think you accurately described it as). Seriously though, why would you post that phrase on Ebay? I don’t even consider my work to be pro-painted.

  2. Yeah I know. I consider myself to be pretty good, and may even be a bit cheeky and put “well painted” in the description.

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