May White Dwarf

I was up at Salute on saturday (write up coming soon) and managed to pick up the latest White Dwarf. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I nearly cried it was so bad.

A bit of background information. The oldest White Dwarf I bought is issue 139. Well thats not strictly true, its the oldest White Dwarf I bought with my own money at the time of release that I still have. Confused? Hope not.

I used to love White Dwarf all the way up to falling out of love with the hobby. It wasn’t that I disliked it, it was more of a dirty secret I kept from my friends and girlfriends. It just wasn’t cool to buy, paint and then play with toy soldiers.

Even though I was out of the hobby for some 6 years, I still bought the occassional White Dwarf and flicked thorugh, enjoying the background, stories and painting.

Now though it seems to have just become some dull advert for Games Workshop. The content has become more ‘structured’ and it has become less of a hobby magazine. Ok they show you how to paint and various bits and pieces, but gone are the in depth scenery creation, the armies of non-GW people, articles written by people you could associate with etc.

I’ve become so bored with White Dwarf I buy it grudgingly and don’t even read from cover to cover anymore. I think I buy it as i feel I need to rather than I want to.

Item of mention in there is confirmation that next months White Dwarf will have a preview list for Hordes of Chaos now the Daemon book will be out. To be honest I like the fact there will be 2 or 3 completely seperate armies. It means a small amount of re-work and some new units to boost up my existing armies but i can manage. Not sure what will happen to the Shaggoth and Chaos Trolls though. There is quite an active (and bitter) thread here on



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