Armies for whoppin’ and armies for looking

I’ve been thinking recently, after a move into our new house, is what to do with the spare bedroom. The third bedroom is the wifes office/pink room and I get the larger room for gaming.

You may be sitting there jealous, but with the possibility of kids on the horizon, I can’t really go to town as it’ll probably become a baby room before long.

But thats not whats got me thinking. I’ve been thinking of buying a glass cabinet for my models, some thing along the lines of this and it got a few of my brain cells rumbling. What would I do with them once on display. Obviously gaming at least weekly would mean that a partial number of the models would be in any one of my carry cases, some models would get chipped/broken, would they go on display? What about partially painted armies, some are on the workbench getting made or painted, whilst others would be on display. How many time have you turned up to a battle forgetting to pack those important models you’ve just started painting?

Which gets me to the next point. Do you ever use ‘gaming models’? By gaming models I mean crap models you don’t mind getting broken. For example I have a unit of converted, painted and based chaos warriors, but when we battle I leave them in the case and instead dip into a box and retrieve a load of the badly painted and broken chaos warrior, drybrushed in the barest way. In my mind I’d rather use them even knowing I have the painted ones to hand. Its also down to saving time, its a lot easier once they’re dead to just chuck them back in the box, rather than take the time to arrange them back in the carry case.

Another example, my lizardmen. Up until recently I’ve only really been using these guys at about 100pts and tend to use a lot of the older style saurus and skinks. They just all live jumbled up in a box happily whilst I paint the ‘proper’ and newer style lizardmen. When I said I’d start lizardmen I got a friends old ones for cheap, and if I can I use these rather than the 200pts of brand new ones I impulse bought a little while ago.

I also use the spare stegadon rather than the newer one, with the skinks all blue tac’d onto the back of it.

Anyone have these strange army irregularities or is it just me?


4 responses to “Armies for whoppin’ and armies for looking

  1. I’d figure after all the work of getting an army painted, you’d want to look at it all the time on the table top – but then I like a good looking battle.

    I assume you don’t have a basement in the new house (the natural dwelling of any gamer) – so you’d better cut a deal with your wife for a corner of the “pink” room as part of having any kids 🙂

  2. You’re all alone here, my playing armies and my display armies are one in the same. Sometimes I’ll use some older models (that are all painted but just the wrong color scheme) as proxies for a new unit I plan on buying to see how they fit with the current list but that would be as close as it gets for me.

  3. My armies also tend to be for both display and gaming. But I’ve noticed recently that some of my older armies are having some paint worn off from being transported in foam too much. As a result, I’ve started to switch to magnets and toolboxes for transport.

    I do have some display pieces that I’ve done for painting competitions that don’t get gamed with, but they are the exceptions. I have wanted to get that very display case, though. Its nice and very reasonably priced.

  4. I think its more to do with the fact I paint armies slowly, so when I’ve finished the first batch, I try and keep them as pristine as possible. This usually means not playing with them and using proxies.

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