Weekend battle – Nurgle vs HE and Lizards

Just been flicking through my phone and found some very bad quality photos of our battle last friday. Thought I’d share them with you here.

It was 6000 of nurgle, half daemons (using the storm of chaos list) and half mortals (with a few trolls and shaggoths thrown in for good measure).

I was fighting against a 3000 pt slann led lizardmen army and a 3000 pt high elf army.

It was a hard slog and the only thing that stopped me overunning them was a double 1 insane bravery test that bogged down my entire army and stopped me getting into the flank of the slann unit.

This first photo shows the point just after the now infamous double 1 roll. My plagueriders in the top left corner are engaged with 1 kroxigor that is insanely brave allowing the phoenix guard to charge my front and the swordmasters to charge the flank. Both HE units had their respective special characters. As you can see this has blocked my plaguebearer unit from engaging the slann unit. After 2 turns of combat the plagueriders where beaten and the plaguebearers charged the swordmasters. This battle would go on for another 3 turns until the herald in the unit (who had the unholy icon allowing re-rolls of instability) was challenged and killed the high elf special character, taking 5 wounds from the exploding gem that activates when you kill him.

You can also see my two daemonic chariots that double charged the white lions and eventually killed all but the hero in that unit. These are the two chariots I now have to rethink, thanks to no nurgle chariots in the demon list.

This next picture shows the right hand side of that little ‘bottleneck’. The guy on horse is the mortals BSB. He is the only surviving man in a unit of 7 chosen nurgle knights. They seemed to receive quite a lot of attention in the shape of long bits of wood with metal tips in the first and second turn.

The nurglings on the right destroy the skinks, destroy that damned skink priest and then try and whittle down the saurus unit.

The next photo show the all important right flank. The big undercoated unit at the top is their saurus unit which had two mortal chariots bounce off it (yup that stagadon is actually a chaos chariot). Left of that combat is my daemon prince who overran into some kroxigors and just below him, if you can make him out is a chaos lord on daemonic steed who overrun into those thrice cursed salamanders.

This little battle occurred when I charged my chariots into a large unit of skinks on my first turn (he moved them just into range) who promptly fled. I then confused the hell out of them when I cast the 6th slanesh spell on them making them unbreakable (and auto rallied). They couldn’t work out why I would rally one of their units, missing completely the fact they could no longer flee as a charge reaction. They soon found out when on my next turn I duly charged my shaggoth, chaos lord and daemon prince into the flank of the now unbreakable skinks and both chatiots into the front. When the skinks were killed to a man everything overrun into the positions they are now in below.

In the end I narrowly lost this game, and it was pretty much down to the kroxigors getting that insane bravery double 1. If they had fled as they were suppossed to, I would have been able to get all my army through the gap and start hitting those units in my time, rather than be constantly on the back foot.

There will be a rematch.


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