eBay joys

Got some results on eBay today, Epidermius for £13 and 7 skaven Jezzail teams for £26. The P&P costs weren’t too high either.

Missed out narrowly on a beast of nurgle.

Which brings me to my point, eBay hasn’t been the source of great buys in some time now. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single wargamer who doesn’t visit the site regularly. But what are the bargins on there.

I find badly painted metals to be a great buy. People will generally flick over very badly painted miniatures, but they are great. It doesn’t take long to strip them and they are almost as good as new. Some of them are particularly badly painted with many coats of paint, but they just require a bit of loving care and attention.

For some reason though, people tend to avoid stripping models on the basis they have never done it. These people paint over their exisitng paint jobs, or ‘touch up’ a model in most of the areas. One of my gaming group gets me to strip older models for him, I think he has the fear of god about doing it himself. In return he…..wait, he doesn’t do anything back for me.

Another good eBay manouvure is trying to find people selling warhammer items for their kids/friends/cousin/whatever. This is slightly more tricky, but items described as ‘warhammer lots’ with photos of lots of warhammer trash is a good start. Again, look out for badly painted figures.

Once I saw an auction for ‘large amount of warhammer’ with about 2 days left to go. No one had bid on it and I can’t blame them after scanning the smaller picture, loads of the old cardboard buildings falling apart, piles of snapped and badly painted plastic chaos warriors (the old heroquest ones), tatty old edition of the rulebook etc. Looking closer at the larger close up however, there were quite a few ‘gems’ but the pictures and description weren’t that great. So I put a bid in and stayed the winner up till the last couple of hours before having the win whipped away by someone who had obviously spent as much time as I had studying it. Even now there are a few on there but these either have high postage costs or the good stuff just doesn’t outweigh the amount of junk you’ll have posted to you.


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