Daemons are here, but I’m broke

Sad to say, since my post regarding the eBay items, I’ve since spent a little too much money with some items still to finish (where it looks like I will win them). So no Daemon army book for me this month, no plaguebearer commands and no flesh hounds.

Happy to say that I bought another 15 plaguebearers on eBay, so by my rough estimate, I now have around 45 plus 3 more that have now been removed from the (now) beasts of nurgle. Factor in 4 command units (which means 8 more, I should be ok fielding 3 units of 20 and 1 unit of 10 all with command and heralds.

Good luck if you are just starting out on a nurgle daemon army. My advise is sell a kidney.


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