Man O War rules

This post has been started by something trivial. I was on eBay earlier trying to bid on Man O War, the old games workshop game and lost out. That in itself doesn’t bother me too much, its a daily occurance at the moment, but I thought I’d have a search around for the rules in PDF format. I’m not usually the kind of guy to go about illegally downloading rule sets, but the games been out of production for nearly 12 years now, I heard a rumour that the original moulds were destroyed/lost and that when they moved offices, GW lost the original rules. Couldn’t find them anywhere, which is strange seemings that as I also heard GW were being a bit more lenient towards Man O War information due to said lost documents.

Whilst searching I came across an older site (2005) that had a bit of a rant about the whole specialist games fiasco which provided an enjoyable but depressing read. I can’t work out why GW can’t put these older rules on their website with the big statement that these aren’t current games, but feel free to download them.

It would certainly keep us entertained while we wait for the remaining long awaited FAQs!


4 responses to “Man O War rules

  1. I’m curious if you mean just the Man O’ War rules or all specailsit games. Presently, the specialist games website has rules for a lot of old stuff including GorkaMorka.

    I alwyas wondered why they had never published the Man O’ War rules, buI guess tht expalines it. Apparently, they also lost the old Warhammer quest rules too.

  2. Mainly Man O War I think. Its really the only major games that isn’t covered by specialist games, possibly as you said warhammer quest, maybe even older talisman versions (although I never did get on with talisman).

  3. Have found a whole lot of info and rules that are downloadable at You do need to join but all of the info is there. Also photos of fleets :

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