Latest Warhammer FAQs

For any Warhammer player thats visited the moon recently, the three latest FAQs to be added to the list are VC, Beasts of Chaos and Wood Elves (second FAQ so be sure to redownload).

I find it amusing that the beasts have a FAQ when in all fairness I didn’t even know any of those were an issue for anyone. I get the feeling they scrapped the barrel for questions and hence answers, just to write a FAQ, just to write the paragraph about the chaos books becoming ‘stand alone’.

Personally I think the whole chaos thing is a bit of a cock up, they should have either released all three books together or just allow hordes of chaos and beasts of chaos to play on as they are, maybe even without the ability to use any of the Daemons, most people didn’t anyway.


4 responses to “Latest Warhammer FAQs

  1. What is up with GW’s site redesign? It looks like they’ve killed Black Gobbo completely.

  2. I’ve been looking for black goobo too, but no luck so far.

    I think the whole redesign thing killed it anyway, as most of the latest black gobbo stuff was just links to current articles, whereas the older editions were a lot of new content.

  3. Yeah the lack of new content was really upsetting me. Was it too difficult to have people create “how to build / paint” guides?

  4. A couple of years ago now they used to show other peoples armies and even in current white dwarf they sometimes showcase a painters work and he gives some ideas.

    GW seem to have missed that players also spend a lot of time on the internet. White Dwarf is ok, but their web content is all either lacking or well out of date material.

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