Black Gobbo no longer

It seems that with the US Games Workshop redesign Black Gobbo has gone the way of the Dodo.

On a more local note, I’ve used the packed away my mortal chaos army, leaving only the Daemons in the carry case. This might free my mind a bit to get the daemons finished off.


3 responses to “Black Gobbo no longer

  1. This disappoints me truly. While my final verdict is still out on the new site design, I am sad to see alot of the painting, modeling and “extras” fall by the wayside with the new design. Everything that made it a “game” is gone and all that’s left now seems to be the purchasing of models. There’s nothing more.

    I hope, and I say that sincerely… that all of the “extra” stuff gets added back into the new site in the upcoming weeks.

  2. You and me both, even though Black Gobbo eventually turned into a rehash of the articles already on the site.

    At the moment the UK site hasn’t been changed, but looking through the US site every picture seems to have a price on it.

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