Current overview of my nurgle daemon army

Thought I’d hit you with a treat this evening. Pictures of my Daemon army as it stands at the moment, the start point before I go to town and get this army finished.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve packed away all my mortals until the new book comes out in Novemberish time. I know the new list is in the latest WD, but I’m not sure I really want to commit myself to that list as its subject to change. So mortals abandoned for a while.

Back to the daemons. This army looks a lot less finished than it used to, mainly because I’ve stripped off some of the models (most of the plaguebearers) plus the pictures still look rubbish. I think thats more to me finishing work very late recently and having less natural light than normal.

I’m hoping to get this daemon army finished off pretty quickly and equally, give some constant updates as I’m very aware this blog is lacking some ‘character’ and hobby stuff at the moment.

So here we go, big boys first. My Great Unclean One. I’ve had this guy for about 6 years, but until a couple of months ago he’d always been blue tac’d together. I need to green stuff the gaps before I even start to think about painting him.

Next up is my daemon prince Dracus the ill hearted, which you’ll have seen on here before so I wont bore you with the details all over again. Needless to say he’s finsished. Having played some larger games with the new list recently I do thing daemon princes have a role to play especially in pure nurgle armies.

Next up is the plaguebearers. Currently I have 49 of the latest edition guys but in a moment of… well I’m not sure what kind of moment it was, but I pulled off all the finished bases and stipped them all. I think in the long run this was a good idea, but its making gaming very tough.

My main issues with the painted plaguebearers was twofold. The original unit of 16 were so varnished to protect them, it took away a lot of the highlights and made them look quite dark. The second unit were quickly painted for a tournament and as most of you guys know, tournament painting can usually mean one of two things. Either very well painted armies, or painting until 5 in the morning (or both). These second batch fall into the 5 in the morning catagory. The undercoat was very very thin and the brown basecoat hardy covered the black. Some areas that weren’t immediately visible didn’t actually get a touch of brown at all.

The unit of 15 are the basis of the third unit that I just bought on eBay.

Next up are the nurglings and beasts of chaos. Both need a good spray of matt varnish as they were painted when I was going through the whole ‘protect them at all costs’ stage like the original plaguebearers. The beasts did have riders, but as the joint wasn’t that strong, they fell off long before the new daemon book came out and made them riderless anyway. Eventually I may strip back the beast and repaint, but I have a lot to do already, so I’ll keep them as they are at the moment. They do need a bit of touch up and greenstuff where the plaguebearers used to sit on them and I think I’m right in thinking they now need to be on 40mm bases.

The furies were never really used in my storm of chaos list, that role was covered by the daemon prince, but now they can’t be used in mortal lists, I may as well include them in my daemon list. Here they are. I bought them, started painting them and 6 years later they remain as they did the day after I bought them. As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of furies (the models at least).

Last up is the heralds. The guy on the left is a second generation plaguebearer with a plastic cloak and a greenstuff icon. The skulls on the top may possibly be from the older abbadon model. I’ve always known there is something missing from this model, but never figured out what it is, or how to fix it.

The guy on the right is a very old chaos nurgle champion, but as he looks less like a chaos warrior than is commonly expected now, I think I’ll add him as a herald with the fluff for him being how he is on the verge of daemon hood and therefore leads the plaguebearers.

Lastly, I’ll be needing 2 more heralds on palaquins. I’ve got a plan to convery the epidemius model and my mind has been racing ever since I saw an idea to use the old slann model as a herlad too.

Now all I’ve got to do is keep this blog updated with my progress. Actually, I’ve got to make some progress full stop.


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