Last nights Daemon battle report – Part 1

Had a nice little battle last night. Originally it was going to be my Lizardmen and Scotts High Elves vs Gavs Dark Elves and Stuarts Vampire Counts. We decided to play 2K each with no lords, but on Thursday Stuart phoned and said he couldn’t make it, so I swapped over to 2 x 2K daemon armies vs Dwarfs and HE.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of Stuart to borrow his daemons and as I’m in the middle of redoing mine, to say I struggled do make up 4k of daemons without lords is an understatement. Below is one unit of beasts of chaos with a hastily added beast.

I was also using some rat swarms as nurglings, lizarmen as plaguebearers and a bloodletter on an old orc boar chariot as skull taker on a chariot of khorne.

Onto the battle. My list consisted of 4 plaguebearer units with the icon that adds poisoned wounds towards combat res each with a herald all set up the same, lvl 1, slime trail and noxious vapours (essential against HE). Two heralds had palaquins and one had a BSB with the banner that is -2 Ld to anyone within 12″. My two other characters was skulltaker on a chariot and epidemius. Rounding out the army was 2 units of 3 beasts of chaos, unit of 8 furies, 2 units of fleshhounds (1 had Karanak), 6 flamers and 2 units of 5 nurglings.

The high elves was 2 units of spearmen, unit of phoenix guard with karadrian or whatever his name is, unit of swordmasters, lion chariot, 5 dragon princes along with BSB and lvl2 mage.

The dwarves had a big unit of ironbreakers, unit of longbeards, unit of slayers, 2 units of 10 thunderers, cannon, unit of dwarves, thane, runesmith and BSB.

Below is a unit of spearmen I was facing.

For deployment there was a ruin in the middle which we use to give +1 power and dispell dice if you occupy it. On either side of the ruins I put 2 units of plaguebearers supported by a unit of beasts of nurgle. Against the ruins I put the flamers and furies. I put Karanaks hound unit in the middle and on the left flank I put the other hounds on the extreme left and skull taker just in front of the left hand beasts of nurgle.

On my (slightly stronger) left flank they positioned the high elves and on my right they positioned the dwarves. They had a hill in the middle which had the thunderers and cannon.

For my spells I took Miasma of pestilence for each herald and the high elf mage rolled flames of the phoenix, arrow attraction and shield of saphery.

They won the roll for first turn choice and decided to give it to me.

Turn 1

I moved everything forward maximum movement. The flamers moved into the ruins giving me +1 power and dispel and my furies moved past the ruins to threaten the cannon. I moved the nurglings out of left hand wood to threaten the high elves (and hopefully start raking up the nurgle tally of epidemius).

The high elves shuffled forward, the normal dwarf unit moved towards the ruins and the dragon princes realigned to charge the flesh hounds on the extreme left.

On their magic they managed to get off flames of the phoenix on one of my plaguebearer units and I lost 3 of their number.

On their shooting the cannon made a very accurate shot and blew out skulltakers chariot from underneath him. The thunderers failed to make their presence felt this turn.

Turn 2

The hounds now had sight of the longbeards and charged. The longbeards, having felt the force of the flesh hounds before decided tactically to flee, however this presented the flank of the slayers. The flesh hounds sniffed  blood and redirected. The dwarf general groaned.

I moved up everything again, putting skulltaker into charge range of the chariot when nurglings started to die. The furies moved up past the high elf lines, ready for a charge onto the hill next turn. Thinking back I don’t know why I didn’t charge the cannon, but I wanted to march block the elves a bit more at the time so I could position my units a bit better.

The flesh hounds on the left lined up for a charge on the dragon princes next turn (or to accept one) and I positioned them so that if the dragon princes did win, they would be facing the edge of the battlefield and be out the game for a little while.

I moved the nurglings hiding in the village on the right to threaten the slayers flank and moved the beasts of nurgle up to hit the front of the slayers next turn.

Onto magic, I figured there would be combat next turn so attempted to cast miasma of pstilence on each herlad but misfired and the magic phase ended.

I shot at the dwarf unit heading into the ruins with the flamers getting about 20 long range shots off, but only managed to drop 2 or 3.

In combat the flesh hounds ripped a ton of slayers apart but being slayers they relished the bloodshed and laughed in their face.

in their turn 2 the swordmasters and chariot charged the nurglings (picture below) and the dragon princes charged the flesh hounds. More high elf shuffling ensured and the longbeards realised their tactic had failed and rallyed around their banner to avenge their mistake. The ironbreaker unit moved forward slightly to protect its flanks from the 2 units of plaguebearers threatening.

They tried to cast flames of the phoenix again but now with 7 dispel I threw enough at it to kill it dead.

On shooting the cannon took a pot shot at the plaguebearers on the right but overshot and only killed one, and the thunderers started to try and drop some plaguebearers on the left.

Combat time and the combined chariot and swordmasters dropped over half the nurglings. My very bad leadership roll finished them off. The tally of nurgle was still sitting at zero.

The mighty dragon princes suffered badly doing 5 wounds but thanks to some heroic (lucky) rolling I ward saved 3 of them and only lost 1 hound. The hounds fought back doing 5 wounds, but with only a 4+ save, he only saved 1 and 4 dragon princes were hacked apart in a frenzy of bloodshed. The remaining dragon prince, sick with horror at the sight of his battle brothers deaths fled in blind panic but the flesh hounds smelt the fear and chased after him, dragging down his horse and tearing him apart in a spray of gore and blood (also narrowly missing a flank charge into the chariot, they sailed right past it, missing by less than half an inch).

Back over the dwarf side, the flesh hounds carried on sending the slayers back to their ancestors with the slayers having no answer to these killing machines.

Turn 3

The beasts of nurgle on the right charge into the slayers front. The slayers welcome this chance of bloodshed. Skulltaker attempts to charge the chartiot but is out by a fraction. Actually I was out having a cigarette when they measured and they thought it might be in, but when I came back in, I remeasured and it was just out. The furies charge one of the thunderer units on the hill in the flank.

Onto movement and the remianing nurglings, march blocked by the slayers, move around the slayer combat to start threatening the thunderers. I decided that the slayer combat didn’t need the help or hinderance of these little guys.

I moved my flamers out into the open so they could see the ironbreakers and moved up all plaguebearer units to get charged next turn.

My flesh hounds on the left reformed to get a rear charge next turn. The beasts moved up to threaten anything that charged my plaguebearers or take on the swordmasters if they charged skulltaker and overrun.

I started to cast miasma in case the high elves charged next turn but all but 1 got dispelled.

In shooting the flamers had a mix of short and long range shots at the ironbreakers killing 4 of them.

Onto combat and the beasts killed quite a few dwarfs and the flesh hounds killed even more. The daemons were mere turns away from wiping out the orange beards.

The furies tore apart one thunderer but the remaining dwarf fought back bravely and killed a fury back. I had 1 kill and flank, he had 1 rank, outnumber, 1 kill and fighting on the crest of a hill. I lost by 2 but rolled snake eyes and stayed around for the fight.

Their turn 3 and the phoenix guard and spearmen unit charge the plaguebearers, the swordsmen charge skulltaker and the longbeards jump into the fray to protect their slayer brothers (a flank charge on my hounds).

With a bit of my advise they position the chariot to block the hounds. This was a good move and I can’t really take credit for it, I just helped them to line up the chariot so the hounds really were usless. I’d wanted to get them into the back of the swordmasters, but now it looked like they’d have to chomp a chariot.

The only reason the ironbreakers didn’t charge was because they could only get the charge on 1 unit of plaguebearers, and they were the only thing stopping the other unit breaking through and re-enforcing the units of the left. He shuffled over to block this and take the charge from both units next turn.

Magic went well and they cast shield of saphery (dispelled) and flames of the phoenix (irresistable force) onto the plaguebearers in combat. I lost another 2.

On shooting the cannon misfired, got a reroll and misfired again, not being able to shoot this turn or the next. The thunderers not in comabt shot at the plaguebearers in front of the ironbreakers but with T4, regen and wards they didn’t kill anything.

In combat the slayers went first against the beasts and dropped a few wounds off them. The beast fought back alongside the hounds and killed all but 1 slayer. The longbeards now in the combat failed to kill and hounds and the hounds wiffed their attacks back. With ranks, standard and outnumber I was on a loser and rolled 10 for the beasts and 11 for the hounds. Luckily the hounds were in range of the BSB and rerolled losing 1 wound, but the beats took a thumping lost another beast with the remaining one down to 2 wounds.

Skulltakers special rule means he has to challenge and he does but the unit champion declines. The remaining swordmasters do 2 wounds and I fail to ward either of them and skulltaker bites the earth. The swordsmen overrun into the beasts of nurgle.

In the middle, the phoenix gaurd fight is the make or break fight of the game. One of us issues a challenge with their unit champion and the other accepts with their unit champion.

Out in the challenge he goes first and fails to wound, I go and fail to wound back. As my heralds have noxious vapours I pretty much strike first and kill 2 phoenix guard with herlad and plaguebearers and epidumius and his palaquin kill 4 spearmen. I win combat by quite a bit (adding poisoned attacks to combat res) but he manages to stay with the help of his BSB.

Thats it for now. Everything is locked in combat and now its make or break. I need to punch through but lacking thast ‘punch’. I’m confident that the plaguebearer units can hold their own, but also aware that just 1 round of bad combat and I can lose enough plaguebearers to go on a very rapid descent.

I also need to deal with those ironbreakers holding a rune’d up thane. At the moment I don’t have an answer to that. The hounds also need to hold up the chariot to keep it out the game.

One thing I have noticed is that epidemius’s tally is now high enough to get poisoned attacks on 4+.

I’ll have part 2 up later tonight…….



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