Last nights Daemon battle report – Part 2

So back to the battle report.

Turn 4

With the plaguebearers holding up the phoenix guard and the other spear unit, I think I was starting to control the battle.

I charged the flesh hounds on the left into the chariot blocking their way. The left hand plaguebearer unit charge the remaining spearman unit. On the right hand flank I only commited 1 plaguebeaer unit to the ironbreakers and the other charged into the longbeards to help out the flesh hounds. Now that there was only one slayer left, the remaining beast of nurgle was out of comabt and duly charged into the longbeards to try and rack up some more combat res.

The flamers moved out of the ruins towards the hill with the cannon and the remaining nurglings moved closer to the hill in an attempt to charge the thunderers next turn.

Now the tally of nurgle was up in the 20’s I had poisoned attacks on a 4+ and +2 to all nurgle spells. I tried to get miasma of pestilence off but all got dispelled. I made a mental note to kill the mage in combat this turn.

Without much to shoot the flamers turned around and blasted the dwarf warriors still in the ruins, dropping another 2 of their number.

Now onto combat. We start on the flesh hounds against the chariot. The high elves go first and fail to wound any hounds. The flesh hounds go next and inflict 2 wounds on the chariot. Finally the lions, with 4 attacks they miss 3 but wound with the remaining one. I take my ward and fail. With outnumber and +1 wound over his the chariot rolls badly and gets cut down by the hounds. The swordmasters waste a beast of nurgle. The remaining beasts kill 3 swordmasters but are severly beaten by static combat res. Rolling low means they stay around for a little bit longer.

The plaguebearers having just charged the spearmen take a lot of hits, but survive the mauling and cause enough wounds back to tip combat their way. With their BSB in the nearby swordmasters they easily pass and stay for another turn.

In the central battle, the challenge rages on. The phoenix guard champion fails to wound the plaguebearer champion who then procceds to flunk his own attacks. The phoenix guard miss their attacks and due to the heralds noxious vapours, he wounds 2 of the phoenix guard. Epidemius attacks the mage with all hits auto wounding on a 4+. The mage dies. Epidemius palaquin fights and kills 3 spearmen. Karadryan attacks epidemius but misses with everything he’s got. With all 7 of my wounds counting twice thanks to my icon, both the phoenix guard and spearmen are on double 1’s. Both run, but at this point my mind goes numb and I pursue the phoenix guard and cut them down. I’ve got to check but I beat both of his rolls, so I think I actually cut them both down. As it happens its not that important.

The picture below shows the remaining high elf units still in combat on the left flank.

The furies use rubber claws on the thunders and lose one of their own, rolling high for instability and rolling too high to save any of them. The thunderers are free to shoot again.

Just before we moved on to the nex lots of combats on the right we had a discussion about how good epidemius was, especially when the whole army (nurgle models) get 4+ poisoned attacks. Pretty much any hit was an auto wound. I agree with them, I think it should really be 5+ for the low number of wounds on the tally you need. Maybe when GW playtested daemons they never tested mono-god armies.

We discussed how exaclty they could beat my army, and i suggested it was a case of playing them and learning their weakness, everyone does well with a new army book, don’t they?

Anyway, I further explained that by killing epidemius and the heralds would greatly increase their chances of doing some serious damage to me.

They took my advise with the ironbreakers and the unit champion challenged, I took this with my unit champion who immediately died. I took a bit of damage with the plaguebearers and then attacked back. My herlad with his strength 5 killed 2 and the normal plaguebearers bought down one more. Again the poisoined attacks towards combat res tipped it my way, but only slightly as he had banner, BSB, warbanner and an itme that gave him +2 for outnumbering. He easily passed the ld test and the two were locked for another turn.

The flesh hounds killed the remaining slayer and the plaguebearers and beast of nurgle killed more then enough to make the longbeards break. I tried to pursue with the beast and flesh hounds but failed to restrain with the plaguebearers (which would have been able to flank the ironbreakers next turn) and cut down the longbeards.

In their turn they rallied the fleeing HE spearmen and moved the dwarf unit out of the ruins to try and save the ironbreakers.

With the mage dead there was no magic and little shooting with the cannon still out of action. The remaing 2 units of thunderers managed to kill 2 plaguebearers and so we were back onto combat.

Starting at the left again, the swordsmen killed another beast and lost 4 of their number to the last beast. With a bad roll the beast dissapeared and freed up the swordmasters.

The spearmen unit in combat break badly and get cut down by the plaguebearers. In the ironbreaker combat the thane challenges the herald who has to accept. The thane causes a wound (rolled double 1 to hit) and the herald managed one wound back in reply.

The ironbreakers start to show the daemons what they’re made of and kill a couple more. I’m rapidly running out of ranks. I lose combat now and roll high. I use my reroll from the BSB and roll high again losing 5 plaguebearers.

Turn 5

I charge both units of flesh hounds into the respective units of thunderers. Both pass their fear tests with ease. I position the 2 plaguebearer units on the left to hit the freshly rallied spearmen in the front and rear, however this will expose my rear to the swordmasters for a turn 6 rear charge.

On the right I position my plaguebearers for a flank charge on the ironbreakers on turn 6.

In magic I get all of my miasmas off except for the unit against the ironbreakers. They saved their 3 dice just for that spell.

In shooting my flamers give the spearmen unit a blast, dropping an entire rear rank.

In combat the flesh hounds rip into the left hand thunderer unit auto breaking them due to fear. The right hand fleshhounds rip apart the thunderers.  By this time it was 1am and I can’t remember why neither unit pursued into the cannon, but i suspect they both rolled low.

The ironbreakers won combat against the plaguebearers thanks to the thane killing my BSB herald. I lost enough plaguebearers to have just the front rank left.

Their turn and they charged the spearmen into epidemius’s unit and moved the swordmasters to threaten the other plaguebearers units rear.

They blasted the fleshhounds with grapeshot from the cannon but failed to kill anything.

In combat the spearmen done very badly and lost combat by 16 and not getting the required double 1, they ran 3 inches towards my other plaguebearers but were cut down in the persuit.

The ironbreakers combat became a stalemate and I lost 1 plaguebearer but and rolled low for instability.

Turn 6

The mop up turn. I charged my right hand plaguebearers into the flank of the ironbreakers. The flamers shot at the remaining swordmasters, killing all but 3 of them.

The fresh plaguebearers into the flank of the ironbreakers along with miasma of pestilence means game over for the ironbreakers and they are run down.

They concede and victory is to the daemonic legion.

Counting up victory points roughly, they had a cannon left along with the dwarf unit in the middle. I had lost only the khorne chariot, 1 unit of nurglings, BSB, half a unit of plaguebearers and a unit of beasts of chaos. Along with banners I estimate it was 4500vp to 1000vp.

What we learnt

Epidemius either makes a nurgle army competitive or broken, depending on your point of view. I do think his tally should give 5+ to poison.

I didn’t miss the staff of nurgle, especially since I couldn’t use them for half the game.

I didn’t miss my lords.

Flesh hounds are still awesome.

I may swap one unit of plaguebearers for two units of bloodletters. Four units of plaguebearers is taking up too many points, and against some opponents like goblins, I’ll need smaller point units for holding and flanking. Although plaguebearers are best at this, in small units without a herald they may struggle to punch through.


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