Reply from GW US Re: Black Gobbo

Just checked the e-mail this morning and found one from Games Workshop US customer services regarding my question about black gobbo. I have posted it in its entirety below:


Black Gobbo was the way our US team used to deliver a bundle of product and hobby content every two weeks to your waiting eyes. Very much an e-zine approach.
The new website will be supplied automatically with product and hobby content from the Global Web Team and our US Community & Events updates will go up as we finalize the details or complete the coverage. So, although it appeared regularly as a nice counterpart to White Dwarf, there’s no need to keep up the packaging when the material will still be added to the site.


We are in the process of putting as many older articles as possible online.  We do not know when they will all be online.  We appreciate your patience.

 So it look like R.I.P. Black Gobbo, you were fun while you lasted.


4 responses to “Reply from GW US Re: Black Gobbo

  1. May it rest in peace.

    I kinda liked the “packaging,” it made it easier to find and brought it to my attention so I felt like I was keeping up with the new, cool stuff.

  2. FAIL! ofmg this hobby is not only a r i p off these days but they just have to take away anyhthing free or different. Pomes have way to much say in this and thats why they FAIL.


  3. I still can’t work out if this message is dripping with sarcasm or not.

  4. now I’ll stay in touch..

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