Weekend update


Six of us are going to the UK Warhammer Fantasy Doubles tournament this coming weekend.

There will be 2 teams of wood elf/high elf, but two of us are going as skaven/skaven. The choice was two fold. Firstly the painting. I took them to the last London conflict and spent an entire night painting up 750pts, then there was a 2000pt tournament which required another late night painting session. This tournament will only require a small amount left that need painting, but being me,  I’ll probably leave it till friday night to finish them.

Secondly skaven are a good army to win with. I love the gaming and meeting new people to play, but being a GW tournament this will traditionally have a fair showing of ‘power gamers’. I’d like to go into this tournament with a shot at top 10, and given the sheer number of troops we can take we should have enough options to cope with the various army combinations.

Here’s a picture of the first of the gutter runners. I’ve mounted them on resin cobblestone bases from TSS scenics. Note that the painted ones are fresh from e-bay and actually better than my own attempts will turn out, but I have an anal requirement to paint all my own figures.

New additions

I’ve currently got a bid on a mint copy of heroquest, one on advanced heroquest and one on man o’ war. Hopefully I’ll win one.

I also won and received an older khorne bloodletter which will be re-painted and added to my army as a herald of khorne.

My friend also came round on thursday and we looked through some of the boxes I’ve been looking after for him. As he needs a bit of cash (to pay me back for the hotel for the doubles tournament) we came to an agrement and I now have the steed of slaanesh (from the mounted lord box) and a greater daemon of tzeentch.

It’ll probably be a few days before I update again, got lots going on at work still and plenty of skaven to paint.

Take care and may your paints never dry out.


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