Warhammer Doubles Tournament Part 1

So we went to the doubles tournament in Nottingham last weekend. Below is an account of how it went.

We ended up taking a Skaven/Skaven army. The basis being we’d hammer them in the magic phase, shooting phase and outnumbering phase (ok I made that last phase up).

Our army consisted of plague monk with bands of power, 2 warlock engineers with all the trimmings, one had storm daemon and the other had a warpstone charm. We then had 2 units of clanrats (1 of 27 with HW/shield and 1 of 20 with spears), 1 unit of plaguemonks, 1 unit of tunnelling team (8 of them), 7 jezzails, 2 ratling guns, 10 stormvermin with warpfire thrower, 6 plague censer bearers, 5 globadiers and 2 packs of giant rats in 1 unit.

We were originally going to go with a unit of slaves and a unit of night runners but swapped these out for the stormvermin at the last minute, mainly due to the making and painting involved and secondly I wanted the warpfire thrower in the list.

Game 1 vs Wood Elves and Empire.

The empire army was a straight forward gun line with lots of shooting with detachments of more shooting, a cannon, mortar and 2 level 2’s. The wood elf was wild riders, treeman, 2 units of dryads and a few archers.

This game went badly from the beginning when they rolled fireball and fiery blast with both wizards and then rolled in wall of fire into the ring of volans.

We set up with the jezzails on the extreme right (in a wood for the -1 to shooting) with the bulk of our army in the middle and the frenzied plague monks/censer bearers on the left to deal with the treeman.

Having been up all night painting Skaven in the travel lodge bathroom, you’ll forgive me for not remembering too much of this game (the coffee was still to kick in).

Basically they shot the absolute crap out of our army. In the first turn alone, there was a spot on mortar hit into our largest clanrat unit killling a ton of the fury blighters. They managed to stomach this and carry on as usual, however we dispelled all magic only to have the wall of fire cast on them. More kills and another panic test.

Their next phase however was another direct mortar hit which caused them to panic and therefore move and take a S4 hit each from the wall of fire. We hadn’t dispelled this as we planned not to move, the warlock engineer being in range of their units. We did have a bit of luck. The wall of fire managed to kill all the clanrats, leaving the warlock engineer by himself and therefore able to rally.

On our left flank the plaguemonks charged the treeman and as they’d dispelled all warp lightning we managed to get band of power off and drop the treeman to half wounds.

By the time the hour and a half was up we only managed to get to the end of turn 3, all our units were still not in combat so we counted up victory points and lost by a lot. I’m confident that even given our bad luck, we could have started ripping them apart once we got into them, however we still wouldn’t have made up enough points to stop a lose, but would have been better than a massacre!!

So, massacred in our first game, can we pull this back? tune in for part 2 coming soon.


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