Lord of Change

I recently found myself the proud owner of a second hand lord of change that although is now mine, has been pretty much mine since Carl used my house as storage area for his vast Warhammer collection.

Despite not using him much in my army and trying to paint up my tournament army for the upcoming GW grand tournament, I though I’d give him a go.

When I started building him up for Carl years ago I wanted a more dynamic pose than the one you usually see him in. With a bit of drilling, pinning and greenstuff I managed to get a ‘just landing’ pose, unpainted picture below.

I don’t think you can see it very well, but it looks like he’s just touched down from flying. At the same time his hand is extended forward is a ‘I’m about to blast you’ pose.

I sat there long and hard before undercoating him, thinking should I green stuff some fire coming from this hand.

A sudden urge to paint him stopped me and he went off for his white undercoat. A white undercoat is pretty rare for me, I usually undercoat everything in black, but I’ve recently discovered the merits of painting Liche Purple over white rather than black. I also spent some money on the new washes and wanted to try these out. A white undercoat would bring these washes out nicely.

Here are some latest pictures.


2 responses to “Lord of Change

  1. Wow, those are some nice, vibrant colors.

    I painted one of these for a friend once and I don’t think my colors came out this rich.

  2. I took the colours nearly to pure white and then washed them. Those new washes do help out quite a lot. Rather than mask the white, they almost stain it.

    The wings I hope will come up from red to orange to yellow. In the middle of detailing some bits before I finish off the wings.

    Glad yiu like it.

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