Warhammer GT Army

Got my tickets for Heat 1 of the Grand Tournament this year and will be taking daemons. This means a lot of painting and work, but I’ve taken skaven to the last 3 tournaments and its time for the daemons to make their presence felt.

I’ve got a choice of about three armies, either a full nurgle army, nurgle army with flamers and flesh hounds for more ‘punch’ and flexability or the one below, a mix of Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle.

Herald of Nurgle, Slime trail, Noxious vapours, Palanquin, BSB, Banner of Sundering 275pts

In all the time I’ve been playing Daemons, a BSB is essential for those critical re-rolls on a really bad combat. Usually I’d run the herlad of Nurgle as my general, but with the points drain of the banner and other VPs I think I need the staying power of this guy in the middle,

Herald of Khorne, Armour of Khorne, Firestorm blade, Juggernaut  190pts

This guy will be the army general. Not sure if this is the final spec for him, I prefer the obsidian armour due to hardened characters running around issueing challenges.

Blue Scribes 81pts

I’ve been using these guys in the last few battles and they make a big difference when facing a magic heavy army. I’ll probably keep them in the final list. The other crucial part of running these guys in the list is their bound spell. Its great when you roll in a great spell that the opponent can’t plan for.

Herald of Tzeentch, Flames of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery 165pts

A bit more magic firepower plus the flames should add a bit of offense to my army in that phase. I’ll put him in one of the units of horrors to keep him safe.

14 Plaguebearers, Full command, Icon 218pts

A bit of points denial, with the herald in this unit they should make a solid centre. I just can’t play a daemon army without plaguebearers, I feel naked without them.

5 Furies 60pts

For so little points you just can’t not include them. War machine hunters, mage hunters, throwaway troops.

10 Horrors, Icon of Sorcery 145pts

10 Horrors 120pts

Still debating in my head whether I should make this one big unit or not. I’ve yet to playtest horrors properly so this is still in flux.

13 Bloodletters, Full Command 186pts

5 Fleshounds 175pts

One of the best units in the army. Hard hitting on the charge, especially if you can get them in the flank. These guys have held up a chariot charge, wiped out units of slayers and generally caused a big headache for people. Still debating whether Karanak should be included for his hitting power but not sure what to drop.

5 Flamers 175pts

These are a no-brainer really

2 beasts of nurgle 200 pts

I love these guys. So much staying power against everything and great infantry killers. Get these boys into zombies and empire state troops (of which I expect they’ll be a fair few of) and they will take a turn or two to break them or make them completely useless.

I’ve playtested this army once at 2500pts with the addition of a great unclean one and it worked out ok. I really want some slaanesh elements, especially the fast cav element and siren song, but you can’t have everything. I’m still to familiarise myself with the three new scenarios but this army should quite easily be able to cope with the annialation scenario.


One response to “Warhammer GT Army

  1. Beste gamers,

    Op 21 & 22 Februari 2009 organiseert The Black Dragons de Grand Fanatic in de Halle toren Brugge. Dit groots, jaarlijks evenement is een Warhammer Fantasy, 40K & Lord of the Rings toernooi. Dit jaar hebben we echter jullie steun nodig. Om ervoor te zorgen dat er hier in België een Grand Tournament komt, moet de Grand Fanatic geslaagd zijn. Voor een groot deel hebben we dit zelf in de handen, maar ook jullie kunnen je droom van een GT in België zien uitkomen. Het enige wat jullie hoeven te doen is meedoen. Dus hiermee roepen we iedereen die wilt meespelen om zich in te schrijven. Hoe meer spelers, hoe beter. Als speciale gast komt zelfs een ware legende om mee te spelen met het 40K gedeelte: Alessio Cavatore. Reden te meer dus om te komen!
    Dus, als conclusie, wens je naar een onvergetelijk, uniek en onvoorstelbaar wonderbaarlijk toernooi met MEGA-prijzen, schrijf je dan zo vlug mogelijk in via tornooi@theblackdragons.be

    Met vriendelijke groeten,
    The Black Dragons Bestuur


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