Daemons vs Undead

Had a nice relaxing game with Stuart today. He’s got a game against two dark elf armies tomorrow so in case they read this, I’ll not reveal his list.

It ended up in a massacre in my favour by turn 4, although in fairness to stuart neither of us were playing to win, he was trying out his new list for tomorrow and I played around with some elements of my forthcoming tournament list.

So this is what I’ve discovered. I think I’ll drop the bloodletters. I swapped the juggernaut mounted khorne herald over to a fleshhound unit and without his presence they got beaten over 2 turns by a unit of equally sized ghouls. I’m still struggling to work out what bloodletters ARE actually good at. The only time I’ve ever seen them work well is in a mainly all khorne army.

So… do I add another fleshound unit in or replace them with another plaguebearer unit?

I also tried out one mounted nurgle herald and one unmounted herald. There didn’t seem to be much in it as the heralds tended to be locked in combat most of the time. Palanquins struggle against characters and would be better against troops. As I’ll be taking 2 beasts of nurgle I might drop the palanquin.

The flamers, beasts of nurgle and flesh hounds all did their stuff as expected.

I’m going to try and run my 2k list without the bloodletters in the coming week to see how it handles.


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